Early Treatment & Prevention


This is what we do to prevent covid19 in our house hold and I hope this will guide you to a better understanding of our body and environment. We have 4 children of all size and gender. If and when any of us have a slightest symptom of sore throat, running nose, and or a sneeze, we stop and cut out diary, take herbal formula for cold, make some nutrient rich soup with mushroom, ginger, onion and garlic. Adding seaweed to the soup was very good too, adding iodine to the mix.

Then to making sure that we are staying hydrated and warm, wear socks and I like to wear slippers. Children’s are not going to school at this point because they have to wear mask all day and this will just make them worse all at once, breathing in and out of their own toxic gas, so it is just easier if we just stay home and let the body take care of it, and get better.


Maybe before all the covid life style, people will still go out and about with just runny nose or slight sore throat, and cough, but right now, we have to take extra caution not to spread anything to anyone. Even to yourself, we don’t want to get really sick because you are stranded wearing mask all day. Body need to breath and detox. Other supplements are helpful as you know already, zinc, vitD and C, and many other ones you already do.


Quality matters. Buy organic broccoli and cauliflower, buk choy are great food source we need for making anti-inflammatory precursors in the body. Eat clean, get filter for water or your body is working extra hard to filter the water too. Go out to nature and breath real clear air, your body will notice the differences for sure. Your mind will notice the differences. Stop eating all the prepackaged food, process food, and fast food.



Eat real vegetables and fruits. I mean, we are not perfect, we still have some food in our house like peanut butter, organic cereal, brownie mix, snacks, and we buy chips. But we also pretty much cook all meals including lunch for the kids. We eat meat, but we support organic farm. Not only we feel beautiful, our body let us know what’s going on at acute moment of something is wrong.


Sore throat, first sign of you just inhale something and there’s something there. GARGLE! Gargle everyday when you get home! Gargle with zeolite in it or salt or I guess you can swing a shot of sake if you are at party…! Lol, but for real, pay attention. Sore throat doesn’t mean that you are sick, it just means that there’s something there and your body is letting you know, so do something about it. If it doesn’t go away by gargle, take some herbs. Gan Mao Ling, is a great formula in Chinese medicine that we have been using this whole time of pandemic. As soon as you have the uncomfortable throat, you take Gan Mao Ling. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties, and it doesn’t suppress your immune system, it actually help you.

When you take herbs, you boost your immune, we never want to suppress your immunity.


Runny nose, I guess this can be allergy, but people are having some pain behind the nose these days. This is due to bad air quality, or spike protein. Again, wash it out. Nitty pot or diffuser for nose. You can add little zeolite or hydrogen Peroxide. KILL it and get rid of it as soon as possible. Just like when you have a fly in the house… get rid of it. No mercy.


Take things easy this year, be prepared to stay home with kids at any giving moment. Don’t stress out. Figure out with work and partner, family that school could be closing for weeks at a time and someone needs to be home with kids. Stressing over this is the last thing we want to do as a parent. Have a good plan and know that it will be another slow year, but at least we are going to school some in person and we are figuring out as we go.


Give yourself a breathing break, go outside and stretch, take off your mask and take a deep breath. We need to breath and take in oxygen and smile.


Get some sleep at least from 10pm~2am, because that’s when our body needs to be resting to produce the most growth hormone. Just do it and our body recover each and every day so much better. Meditation to relax the mind, take time for your body, and spend time for your spirit to gain happiness. We are in difficult time and as adult, we do need to stand up strong and show our children that we are resilient and kind, and caring to other human being.

For small children, if you feel their back, they too have muscle tensions and hold stress there and it is important to help them loosen up. Especially when they are sick or getting sick. It will help them feel relax and body can ease and the touch from their mama is worth so much. Baby to toddler love getting their extra skin on their back to be pinched and gently pulled a little bit. This technique can open up their air way and clams the nerve.

I totally understand with these little ones, treating them is hard, like giving them herbs, but if you ask me or any certified practitioner near you, you can get powder herbs and you can mix with blueberry jam or honey if they are over a year old. Kids response fast and get better fast with lots of tender loving care. They also loves good broth from the nutrient rich soup.

We can do this! I believe in our amazing body and natural healing ability to get through this! It’s survival right now. It is time to be serious about health and wellness. Going within, connecting to our inner beauty of spirit, guided by your goddess wisdom from your heart.

Take care out there.


Love, Love, Love to the World~



Maya Kathleen Washizu

Diplomate of Oriental Medicine LAc #175173

Living the Medicine

Living the medicine means that each and everyday is a work. A conscious effort to be well. You can’t be healthy once you are sick. Healthy body and mind takes up lots of time and energy. What’s my motives? I have been asking myself this for the last few days. What is my motives…? Why am I this way…? It’s big identity question and I laugh, because it’s a silly. Who am I…? What am I doing and why am I this way…?


Ohh the big why…

This is so much fun because I love challenges and changes in my life. I tend to get real board when things are the same way all the time. I am pretty sure this comes from me moving across the ocean when I was 4 and then again at 14 years of age. I need some stimulations to feel alive, to feel challenges, to feel responsible. I love taking role of being in charge of a party or an event. I love communicating with people and figuring out the best out come for everyone.


So what am I doing now…?


Covid pandemic is shaping our world to a whole new world right now as we speak. Every day there’s something new happening and more information are getting layered on top of more layers that goes all the way to the dark side of humanity. We really don’t know how deep this rabbit hole goes. Young generations are confused, only listening to their parents and grandparents, and they are lost in social media. Numbing their brains to darkness and depressing feelings.


Trending in social media are building blocks of our new young generation. I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to talk about this right now. I don’t want to worry about my daughter and her mental health! I think she is amazing and she is doing her best in learning and absorbing the world. I just worry about the future, so then my motive is the preserve the way of ancient, the folk medicine, the traditional medicine and the Dao, the way, the path.


I trained in Japan for 7 years with a Shinto master who holds the ancient secret of Japanese Emperor. During the WWII, Japanese’s Emperor was threaten because the way we were running the Country. How all the people adored the Emperor and how Emperor adored the people. Traditional way of how the country ran was a threat to the world, because people believed. People believed that by praying for good and living the beauty way brought happiness and joy to every day lives in people. Good fortune brings good harvest, good intention brings amazing beauty from within.


All of the simple way of living was powerful.


It was a threat to the Western culture. Not good for globally expanding business.


My teacher Nanasawa sensei’s teacher’s teacher’s teacher was the secret holder of the Emperor family tradition. During WWII, when they sense the threat, they put away the secret to this guy who was a family member for taking care of Gohuku (the white kimono outfit to do the ceremonies), who had strong sensitivity to knowing the way of ceremonies and chants. Who then ran away to south of Japan, changing careers and keeping and holding the secret safe.


Only handful of people are trained today and practice ceremony. We don’t, but we have to copy of the chant and know the intention and the history of the Shinto in Japan. As I learn and live life, I understand that these secrets are very similar to the many ancient spiritual way of living and teachings. One of the big one is that, we create our own world by the word we use and how we feel. What you say has frequency and the energy carries to create a reality. In Shinto, a-i-u-e-o and all 50 sounds has its own spirit in each sound.




Kami is god like frequency and in Shinto, there’s 8000 Kami that exist in nature. That’s where Shinto’s secret comes from. There’s God/Goddess like beings in everything. The intention of living changes all of the sudden, when you realize there’s Kami=God/Goddess in everything… the breeze that runs through your hair, the leaves shaking with the wind, the clouds, the bubbles in the ocean wave, the rock by the water fall, the sacred river path, smell of nature, the mist of forest… this is how Japanese people used to live…


Being the Kami themselves…

The spirit, the Kami that lives inside of you is to be awaken. As soon as you realize that you are a Kami too, you can start to create your world.  Well, my app is staring to lag… so I’ll stop here today.

Thank you and again some other time.


Story of Home Birth

For a decade now I have been pregnant and having babies and working, always balancing being the mama, the care giver, and providing services. First pregnancy was maybe the toughest, because as much as I tried to be good about everything (eating balanced meal, walking and exercise), I still gain the most weight, and was tired after the birth for about 9 months. It was my first time to get used to not getting enough sleep every night, and putting all my energy and effort to taking care of the little baby and still do all the things.

Second pregnancy was amazing, I was walking more, had a midwife to support me and gave me lots of advice, weekly gatherings with other pregnant moms, lots of self care with moxa (dried mugwort) treatment, and learned the importance of keeping my ankles warm of ALL time no matter if you are pregnant during the summer or not.

Inside ankle, the meridians or the pathway that runs through there goes up to lower abdomen, by keeping this area nice and warm will help uterus to be relaxed and keep the blood circulation going. Which is very important during pregnancy. Also for painful period, you can think about this same theory.

Growing a human is a incredible job.

The idea of growing a baby human in my belly, I was into eating super well with organic ingredients, making green smoothies everyday, taking supplements, and exercising with bouncy ball every week. My hippie husband introduced me to this idea of having a water birth, and we YouTube and google it, then it became a dream to have a water birth at home. You know what else… making placenta pills at home…

Market who sells placenta pills, they use pig’s placenta, why not have your own placenta when you know what you have been eating to make that placenta. I have spend a lot of money eating well and keeping myself healthy, I WANT my placenta. During my school years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we hear about how to process raw placenta into safe pills. I would tell you if you want to know, but I can’t share here right now, but you would need some help and understanding from your people to support your needs.

My husband is little different. A good guy. A smart guy. He is interesting, I recommend getting to know him yourself too! Anyways, with my mom’s help too, they worked together to process my placenta after I gave birth. Let me tell you how wonderful placenta works for recovery, day and night differences in recovery compare to after birth from the first one. I am completely dedicated to my alternative life style at this point in my life, recognizing what my body tells me, and listen to my heart what feels right.

I find water birth at home was much more relaxing and easy than delivering baby at the hospital. I’ve learned that slightest stress you feel will slow down or stops your dilation (when cervix is opening for birth). When I was giving birth at the hospital I was stuck at 9.5cm for 2 hours, because the woman next to me was screaming and freaking out a little bit, then a nurse walked by me with a huge suction gadget… (my thoughts were, is she going to stick that up in her to pull the baby out?!) I was not suggested to push and advised to stay put.

I think when the mom is having a baby and being depended on other people around telling her what to do, it loses confident in the mom to listen to her own body. I spoked to several women and had talked about labor situation and wished that they thought about it and knew about being more prepared. Only if they had a midwife to walk that through with them. For me, the focus to feel my body and the freedom of being at my own house environment with people you trust was very nice during the labor.

When preparing your home for labor, you have all the time in the world to get ready. Of course your midwife will provided the list of items and things for you to gathered, she will then make sure that you have a birth plan too like where you want to have this baby. You tell her where all the towels and sheets are so they are are ready to take over. You will be in close contact with your midwife, so she is ready for you at anytime of the day. You just have to call her when you know it’s happening!

I know what you are thinking, what happenings when things are going somehow wrong? You will have your OBGYN Doctor who you have seeing and he or she knows that you are doing home birth, so if your midwife make that decision at the spot of birth, somehow you need to go into the hospital, then she will come with you. She will stay and take care of you after birth. Your midwife is your trusted personal during your pregnancy, guidance and expertise that will help you get through some challenging time of life.

To be in excellent condition to home birth you do have to work for it, but you do get to make many decisions to comfort and make it magical.

6 years later with third baby, I was happy to be pregnant, but it had been a while. My body had little bit of hard time adjusting to being pregnant, felt heavier and slower to move from early stage, maybe because it was a boy? An old veggie stand lady in Japan told me carrying girl feels lighter than carrying a boy…….. For me this was true! I also had early onset of having problems with having hemorrhoid with bleeding and easy irritation… This indicates me that my general health was not in the best shape, maybe had been drinking alcohol more, not enough greens in my life, was under a good amount of pressure after moving across the ocean from Japan back to US, finding a balance in life, and starting to work in a new environment in new town. Not to mention, my mom was dying of cancer at the same time too…

Stress during pregnancy is not good. It is not good for the baby or the mom. Everything becomes harder than it should. Pregnancy is something you can really enjoy and take time and put all the focus into growing a healthy happy baby. I think we forget that, especially now with busy lives and so many things happening around us. There are so much to consider and worry about in this world today with negative and sadness all around us, and if we focus on that it is hard to look for positive and light in the world.

My mom’s passing was very difficult and still it is hard to believe that she is gone, but we feel that she watches over us. My husband and I really wanted another baby, a baby girl… We only wanted a girl. It is 50/50 and we never know, but I felt that another pair of kids will be fun. Older two are getting old now 11 and 9 years old. As soon as I got pregnant, of course it is a little bit of shock for a few days, but everything gets figured out. I was definitely in better shape mentally, physically, and spiritually. No painful hemorrhoid incidents, a mean, its there but not causing me pain. My body felt light and I walked a lot even pushing my 2 year old in his stroller this summer going around Tokyo.

While my memory is fresh from this pregnancy, I wanted to write up my experiences and share some tips to help more women out there who are trying to get pregnant or is pregnant for the first time, or wants to enjoy pregnancy and have healthy happy baby. Also want to share and guild your mental, physical, and spiritual alignment going into the delivery. That big day. It happens to all pregnancy. It is scary and worry some for each and every time. We just never know what could happen, but we can be prepared as much as possible. For safe and comfortable birth, I highly recommend you get yourself a midwife. They are the golden ticket to you and your husband and your baby’s big day.

Midwife knows a lot about pregnancy and the new born baby. She will come to your home and check all is well with you and the baby. Blood tests are done, urine tests are done every visit, and we talk about everything that is going on. She listened to my voice for true concerns, and gave me the right advice that is the best thing to do for the safety of the baby and me. She reminds me of what is important. Stress causes blood pressure to go up, always reminding me to drink more water, take more walks, have self care time out just for me, never feel guilty for giving yourself a time to rest, and go out for you. She also makes sure that I was taking my supplements!

As the day gets closer, she came over every week, making sure the birth plan and birth supplies were there, still listening to any concerns that I would have. Having someone right there for you is the best thing for preparing for birth. Birth happens to you and the baby, but you need the support going through something so serious and dramatic event that is miracle of life. I started my birth meditation around 2 months before the due date. Putting my mind into the birth itself, meditation for smooth birth, trusting my body and natural pull of the moon cycle. I had baby blissing instead of baby shower, because I wanted to have trusted women to come together and put positive intention for the birth.

I felt that I needed to do gathering in spiritual level for protection for me and the baby, because this was my first birth without my mom. I needed to insure that my birth was being protected and guided. I felt my mom, and several other ladies felt her too. As a health care provider, for some reason I am not good at receiving care myself, (this might be true to all women) but I surrender to receive that day. That was amazing and so grateful for nurturing power of women. We support each other and we need each other. Thanks to beautiful prayer beads and powerful words on the coloring cards, candles, flower, oils, prayers and support, I had a fast and smooth birth. I listen to my body, trusted in every process, and there she was. We had our dream come true.

I feel that us women and the sisterhood needs to be celebrated more often. Gathering together to support one another, to listen to each other, to understand each other, and to be there. This is why I am adding new program to my wellness plan. I want to share how to have Healthy Happy Pregnancy and share my knowledge as advanced baby alternative care once a month on Full Moon Baby Clinic & Mama Care for you. Full Moon Baby Clinic is simple 5 to 10 minute treatment for each baby that will help them sleep better and feel better. Mama Care is to learn how, when, and where to rub your baby and yourself according to different situations. Mama will receive some kind of therapeutic treatment too. You will learn more symptom base technique that you can easy try at home. I understand as a busy mom, you don’t want to go out and worry each and every little concerns. More tool you have in your pocket, more knowledge to help your little one with your own hands, and more power to you.

If you are considering about having a baby, I am so glad that you are reading this right now and found me. I would love to share some time with you and see where you are in the process. I hope you are enjoying and having fun with your journey of becoming a parent. If it has been a stressful one, please let me know how it has been a stressful one, I hope to help you with some guidance, maybe you need herbal supplement, hopefully we can pin point what needs to happen for you. Please go have sex in regular basis and have lots fun practicing, and feel the Love!!

For you and me, for mamas, for sisters and women, for beauty, and for our spiritual needs.

I am here for you.

Love, Love, Love to the World~

Maya Kathleen Washizu LAc.

First Full Moon of 2020

Let’s write a blog really quick!

Full Moon Baby here she comes

Community is a good feeling. Wherever you are, whoever you are, we all need some trusted friends. I understand that men needs their man cave time, and us women need our time. It is so interesting that we all need to feel that safe connection from one another. It is essential for our healthy mind and spiritual beings. But can you ask for help? When you really feel lonely and sad, can you reach out? Can you call?

It is so hard to actually make that call or take that action to reach out.

We want other who are close to figure it out without actually saying and reaching out… why do we do this? I think it’s because it is hard to receive as women especially, and it is hard to receive care if they are not your family. I’ve learned something recently. Sharing in regular basis is a good wonderful thing to stay tuned with your friends. So if something does happened, they already know what has been going on with you, so you can break down in front of them. They will give you the care you would need to feel safe and cared for.

Asking takes courage because when we have to ask we are vulnerable.

Asking is love, because if your trusted friend ask you for help, you will be more than happy to help. We all want to be there for each other, because we are community. Belonging to a community benefits us by sense of wholeness, oneness, and connection and love. I want to thank my friends because they helped me go through my 4th pregnancy with such a care and love. They provided me safety and space so I can be myself as whole spiritual being. Ceremony for baby blissing was amazing part of this journey, gathering with other beautiful women, and connecting with hearts. For the first time I completely relax to receive and opened my heart to the unknown. Then feeling my mom’s spirit with happiness and watching over, I felt the bliss.

Compassion and loving care to learn about others, because we are all human at the end. It doesn’t matter if you are famous, you are human and have a body. I believe in Earth People. We are all one. I just want to help humanity to evolve together to the next level of peace. I want to teach our children that they are the future and to love and care for each other.

Parenting is hard because each child has to learn hard lesson on their own from their own mistakes, and I have to be there to guild them with my tears, smiles, and kisses. Emotional education is deep and sorrow, it roots down deep and if some mistakes, they are traumatized for a long time. Grown adults with emotional trauma so old and deep is really hard to heal. As parents, there are lots of responsibilities to make things right for their children. Just because they are grown, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything stored in the heart.

Trusted friends becomes the family and it is wonderful.

Trusted community of like minded people will help you go through anything, even death.

Get grounded, feel the rock, dirt, sand, ocean, mountain, grass, and grow strong roots from your feet. Breath in deep and open your heart to the back like you have swings. Breath and listen. Put your attention to your heart. Open your crown chakra or top of your head to the sky.

Reach out to Universe

Know that you are okay

We belong here

Love that person

Feel the ease and smile

Love, Love, Love to the World~











Hi there!!

I am using my new iPad with key board attached to it. Trying out writing on installed word app here. It feels pretty nice to type and I am excited to be writing again. Wow, I might be able to start blogging again this year. I haven’t been writing after my mom passed. I feel and learned that when there is grief, energy gets stuck there and it is hard to move forward from there.

When people are stuck in the old trauma or grief and holding on to it, body/spirit gets stuck there too. Then we are afraid of moving forward. Or maybe not even afraid, just don’t know why but feels stuck. I felt stuck hearted. Not being able to write or find some words to put them down. I learned this summer when my dad told me what he has learned from going to some classes. Grief creates energy block.

When energy gets blocked in certain way or that unhealed pain gets stuck in a person, people lives from suffering state of mind. This is not healthy. People usually pick up unhealthy habits, become alcoholic or addicted to food or whatever and anything else. Beautiful state of mind cannot be achieved when you are stuck in this life style pattern.

To be able to come out is to finally acknowledge and make the decision in your heart to heal. When healing starts, body will relax and will help you heal. Body wants to heal, and feel better as soon as possible. It doesn’t like it when you drink too much, eat too much, smoke too much, anything too much. Body works so hard for you. It is keeping you alive. It is giving you life. Your mother gave birth to you so you can live and have a life.

Come to you heart.

Feel your heart.

Look into your heart.

Breath into your heart.

Ground your energy deep into the earth.

Feel the love in your heart. Bring the grief and trauma in there and let it go. Let some golden light surround your scar and heal. Breath in and relax into your body. Take it a easy relaxed breath into your body. Let those tears come out because you have been holding. Holding so much in. Let it come out, why do you hold so much to begin with? Who said you have to? We are all here together, you don’t have to pretend to be this iron man or woman, why? Just let your heart heard this time. Feel your heart.

Love is in the heart. Heart is only made out of love. Beautiful soul that you are only can shine through the heart and the eyes. Open up your chest. It is all going to be okay. Don’t be afraid.

Love, Love, Love to the World~!!

Maya Kathleen Washizu

Pure Love = Spirit

Rest in Peace Mama


We arrived to Tokyo on 18th of December, 2017. When we got home, my mom greeted us with loud voice that I was surprised. She was so skinny and I notice that she was slightly irritated by our noise. I felt bad. Bad for this situation, nobody wants this, nobody wants her to die. She held herself for us to come home to her, held to see her grandchild once more with her own eyes.


Right away, Jason and I decided we should have a gathering party for her, so we can all come to the heart of family, to say good bye, and remember the good times, thank her for everything that she has done for us.


She waited to be on opioid until we were there, to stay conscious as possible, but as soon as were there she let down her defense. The cancer is taking over her lower abdominal cavity starting to pressure her hip joint, disturbing her bowel and urinary pathways, causing her lots of pain. Her spirit so strong, wanting to take care of her own bathroom business, washing the sink after each time she used it, and ringing the bell for help.


Sleeping beauty she called herself, princess at the tower of light, in and out of our realm. Still recognized people when they come and visit, greed them with all she got, cheering them on to their lives. She was amazing. Her brain was so clear and sharp.


Message here is that, we live with our full potential all the way to the end. Who you are matters, and each one of us is unique in our own way. Nobody has a right to judge a person and their ways of lives. I hope you are not a judger. We have no idea. …. Spirit can exist in so many forms, if you pay attention and ask, they will show up and show you. I never experienced anything like this in my entire life.


Thank you for following my story. Now I am empower to continue with my life mission and hold my passion to my heart. Creating a space for calmer, spiritual base office to share more of our feelings and study our body as full human potential in all the levels. Safe spot to be open, to feel, to connect with ancestors, to communicate with nature, help people get in tuned with their spirit’s path.


People’s spirit’s path gets disconnected and we forget to know who we really are. We are bringing sound healing, light healing, shamanic work, meditation, essential oils into our Spa style setting. Experience Spirit Spa call Botanica. There isn’t quite anything like this yet, blue printing our way of practice, to openly bringing spirit into our practice.


Live the medicine


Enjoy life everyday


Pray and connect


Feel and listen to your Heart


Find a place and space to be your Higher Self


You are YOU


Ground your feet with strong root, deep into the Earth, and spread your wings. Be 100% conscious when you are speaking to people, truly care about that person for that moment you are with them, but don’t take anything personal. Energy is real, and we do need to be careful of other people’s energy. You should have your heart energy surrounding yourself, so you don’t get sick from other people’s negativity. You know this, by you feel sometimes, feeling off for some reasons after an interaction with others.


I want to teach and guild you to become more sensitive to your body, mind, and spirit.




I am done hiding in my closet; I need windows and plants, open air to breath. Come and join us and feel the freedom.




Love, Love, Love to the World~

Maya Kathleen Washizu L.Ac.

Living in the NOW

I am going to write to make me feel better about my situation in life right now.


My mother is dying. Dying from cancer. Seems so unfair and it’s hard to believe that she is really leaving this early. She just retired last year and spend all her time retiring fighting cancer. I don’t like the term “fighting cancer” either. It’s a hard case no matter what, because we never know where it came from or started, it’s only a theory.


The memory of her comes out, all the time we spend together, which seems only a little bit. She always worked so hard, a career woman, achieving the impossible in men’s society. Women shouldn’t have to work as hard as men, because our body is build different. Women gives birth to children and we are tough, but in different way than a man. We just function differently, but my mom fight hard to become a professor in her department all throughout her career.


It’s not fair.


It’s not fair that she has to go so early, nobody expected this happen. She is the youngest of all the grandparents. This feeling inside of me feels like a rage. Rage that radiates to all the people who gave my mother a hard time, insulted her, and brought stress. Only thing that matter at this point though, she lived hard and strong, still protecting us and showed me the big picture of life. She taught me how to feel connected with patients, how to listen and speak with patients, and how to listen with heart.


My mother was a veterinarian specialized in feline cancer, diagnosing cancer in cat. She also specialized in doctor-patient communication towards in her late career, which I was totally involved in her training in my young age, going to seminars, study group at the university, and reading all her materials. I am nothing without her. I am a byproduct of my parents and their hard work. I moved across from Tokyo to Texas when I was 14 years old. Of course there are many mixed feeling about this, but overall I turned alright. There were many life events and drama along the way, but I survived.


I will be sharing my most inner thoughts here as I go through this life event, because I need this output. Please feel free of sharing your experience and thoughts as well along the way. Thank you for being here.


I am happy you are here.


I am not sharing this material in Japanese yet. The culture is so different and I don’t want to spread the news in Japanese just yet.


When I pray for mom, I can feel her spirit, my spirit, and my grandma’s spirit. Is this mean that through our body, we carry our ancestor’s spirit within us? When I am cooking or doing crafts, I often think about my grandmother, and I feel at home in my heart. I can feel her. To feel your ancestor that live through your DNA, there are some moments or act that reminds you of them, which then leads you to remembering where you come from.


Following your feeling is your inner instinct, the gut feeling, is super important skill. We all need to master it. Children have them naturally, but as we “grow” we lose it. Bring back that muscle and start sensing your inner heart. Listen to your body, because it’s trying to communicate with you all the time.


As a medicine woman, I speak to my mother’s cancer, and ask to stop growing.


“Cancer, as you grow, you are killing your host, then you’ll die too.”




I pray and pray and pray

Stop growing, you are big enough

Move a little so you are not blocking her

Please Dear Cancer, shrink a little

Stop growing, you are big enough

I pray and pray and pray




Love, Love, Love to the World~


Maya Kathleen Washizu


My Dream 夢

Where I come from…


Experience from the childhood is so big in life. I finally realized the importance of basic skills and the freedom of growing up. The gap between Trump supporters and generation X is huge right now. The gap is so big it seems unreal sometimes. How could this be possible? I can only assume that we have evolved and were living in revolutionary society of our own, until now… back firing at all of us. Try to kill our hearts, our hearts of freedom, and love to all humanity.


We were pretty much blinded by the racism, we were brought up in melting pot, and we were happy.


Only thing I will do is keeping on doing what I do best. Hands on healing to one person at a time, teach individual of their own power, reminding them how to use their hearts. I will never stop, because I love what I do. I worked hard to get where I am today, and I will continue to keep going with my dream and goals.


My dream is to free up my fellow Japanese people. I feel that people in Japan is tied up in their way of strict “must be this way,” “same as others,” “cannot stand out,” and “care about what other think of you.” People, children deal with this idealistic society from very young age. I tried to fit-in in Japan. Jason and I had real hard time trying. We thought if we keep trying, one of these days, we might fit in. The answer was no. We never felt like we were part of the community.


My dream is to loosen up a little bit of this hardship of Japanese mentality, because too many suicide and too many anti-depressant drugs are being used. The shame of being depressed, the shame of being able to show your true self, and shame of the family. The Samurai heart still lives in the culture of Japan and its hard sometimes for so many people. Shut out from the rest of world, people are clueless. I guess this might be happening everywhere in the world.


Individual has to want it or one will never find the true freedom.


My dream is to share my experience to others to benefit for their health. True sense of health in calm way of being, naturally balanced, and organically grow old. The biggest of all I would love to assist the life at the end of new beginning. This part is still seem a little far away, but would love to have a place where family comes to celebrate life. Treat everyone and bring all the hearts together for the ones journey. Even for animals.


I don’t know what else to do with my life. This is my work. I wish I can document everybody’s different life story, because they are all different and amazing. I love hearing people’s stories and how they are here today, even though it is so hard and tough, they are amazing. I want to honor all individuals and let them know that they are okay. We all have our mission in life. I think the main differences in the generational gap is that we believe from our hearts that we are one as a species, and nothing cannot separate us.


We know in our hearts.


We feel the connection to the Earth.


We feel for the nature.


Stay strong and we will be okay. Keep working on your dream and hold that feeling of connection. Know it in your heart. Live from your heart. Feed yourself with nutrient rich organic food, drink lots of water, go for a nature hike, go camping, look at the stars and moon, feel the sun shine. Feel the strong energy inside of you. Grow your root down now to where you are. Spread your wings from your heart. Step back from yourself and look at yourself. Feel the strength in yourself.


You got it.






Feel the light from your Heart.


Let it flow inside of you. Be calm and gentle with yourself.


You got it.






































Thank you

Thank you for reading and feeling,


Love, Love, Love to the World~





Maya Kathleen Washizu

Delivery Story


It has been 3 month since I picked up my lap top to write blog. I was super focused on bringing Koji into life to a safe place. All my extra time was going to visualizing smooth birth and having the house clean as possible, having all the gears and items in place. My parents decided to come and support my recovery at the last minute. Now I had to get the house extra ready! I was working too, stumbling into the salon where my office is located. I was working 2 days before the birth! I loved it.


Maybe it was all the cleaning around the house or the having gentle sex that fasten my delivery, but my water broke in the morning at 7:00. I felt a slow leak to water coming out like a big wave of the ocean. Wow, I could not believe there was so much water coming out. I called Amanda (my mid-wife) and she came over around 9:00. We made some plans and was going to see what would happen, it is all up in the air, never could tell what is going to happen.


Amanda left, Jason (my husband) went to the store, because my parents were coming that afternoon from Japan and I wanted to have some grocery and water. Kids were home for winter break, it was the most beautiful blue warm sky in December 29th 2016. I put some relaxing music and prayed for safe birth, had some calm moments for myself and the contraction just started to get strong all the sudden, and coming every 4 minutes!


I texted Amanda and called Jason to come home. By the time people were showing up I was in hard contraction, stuck in the toilet. It seems like the contraction was just keep coming and coming. Amanda helped me move over to the bed and kids were worried, but were helping me by bringing me water. Jason was working on hot water for the tub, but we just didn’t have enough time. I had to ask him to stop and just stay with me, I mean, I was in some pain at that point.


My memory is already vague around here, but I do remember, for a brief moment right before the birth “Can somebody take over…” And then it happened, the head was coming out and kids were called to watch the miracle that was about to happen in front of the faces. It is pretty amazing, Lillian (my 8 year old) was filming this whole thing, Michael was very concern and scared, so I consciously looked him in the eyes and gave him a big smile and told him it’s okay.


There splash out the baby from my vagina, Jason catches the baby for the first time, team of doula who were just great and wonderful, I felt so lucky and joyous. 11:49 am. It’s almost time for my parents to get here. We waited to cut the cord till my mom arrived and was able to cut the cord herself. They were so surprised that baby had already come out, because we were just talking when they were at the Portland airport and I was telling them “Ohh my water broke.”


If I could to teach some women about giving birth, I would tell them to find that wild instinct as women we have deep inside. You don’t have to be a hippie. Break your shield of this image of perfect woman. Meditate on love for that baby and communicate during the pregnancy. Make your plans together. Feel each other for moods and sensations. Your life style and mood during the pregnancy will greatly affect the baby. What a stressful world we live in right now. I cannot even believe what is happening in everyday bases. It is hard not to get affected by the politics sometimes, but we have to know our heart and mind belong to your community. Find the community that cares and fit your belief. Stick with people you love. They are your family.


Please think about your mom. She loves you very much. Send a thought every day.


Live from the Heart.

The Heart is Love.


Love, Love, Love to the World~!!


Maya Kathleen Washizu





















昔、有りましたよね。。。「愛だろう 愛」って!! 古っ!








健康妊婦生活の秘密情報 It’s time to share















maya mama.jpg

I went to High school in Gainesville, Texas. Can you believe my parents signed the Guardian Angel paper work to a family that I’ve never met before? Yes they did. At the age of 14, I was send off to middle of nowhere in Texas from the city of Tokyo. Talk about culture shock and trauma. I am not sure why that happened, but the main reason was for me to regain my English. I was born in Sacramento, California and lived there till I was 4 years old.


Have anyone visited Texas before? Or anybody from Texas? Well, let me tell you, everything is Big down there. From people, food servings, drinks in general… Not knowing anything, fresh from city of Tokyo, my favorite food became the Country Chicken Fried Steak and Dr. Pepper (back in 1996). It comes with mash potato and gravy and butter corn (Yum!!). Since I did not speak much of English, being in a shock stage of my life, left all my friends back home including a boy-friend who I just hooked up with right before I was leaving Japan, I ordered Country Chicken Fried Steak and Dr. Pepper every single time we ate out.


Guess what happened. I gained so much weight. Within a month I gained more 10 pounds. I had to get new clothes, breaking out with pimples, and feeling pretty depressed. But the “life of Texas” went on for several years before I made a commitment of losing weight, and doing daily core muscle exercises. I decided not to eat those cookies at lunch cafeteria anymore, and kind of stop eating. Maybe it was not the healthy way to lose weight, but I lost a lot of weight, where maybe I looked like normal Asian girl.


At the same time, I was smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol like regular kids does. I was so confused. I felt like I lost my identity, who am I? What am I doing with this boyfriend who limits my fun? In my brighter story that I tell is that I grow up with Western Medicine influence, and my parents took me to Qi Gong practice when I was a kid, I have all these training from US and Japan, and yeah, I can speak both language pretty good. But all my learning comes from suffering and dealing with REAL issues of American Diet and Depression of Life.


When I started Acupuncture College in Boulder, I had a really hard time getting over myself with all the experience from not knowing who I am. I quit smoking the first day of school, started going to the student clinic and received regular treatment for 8 months, and cried on the commute to school every day for those 2 hours I had to drive. Not only I was mad at my parents for making all of these things to happen, my body was weak from not knowing how to eat well, and mental fog from all the buildup toxins in my body was really hard to get it out.


Now I know what health is all about. Through my body I have learned many poisons and damage that can happen in living in American culture. For me it was really hard to live in super strict Asian culture after all. It’s a different culture, different problems, and different people. When I was in Japan, I day dreamed about working in US and how much beneficial I would be for American people, because I know the culture and where the medicine is going.


I appreciate my life, I am glad that my parents send me to Texas, forced me study my butts off in survival mode, and I am glad to be here after all my adventures. I love Oregon, and it is my favorite States that I lived in so far. So let me help you help your struggles with diet, stress, depression, and anxiety. I am good at treating these problems. If you are committed to make life changes, I am ready to help you. Let’s work on you and we will put all our focus on you to get you on the healthy path with Ultra Alternative Natural and Safe way to regain who you really are!!


Live the Life you Love


Love, Love, Love to the World~!!





Maya Kathleen Washizu