To answer some of your questions, I am going to write why we are moving back to USA all the suddenly this summer. I just finished Japanese Acupuncture school this Spring as you all know. While I was going to through school having two small children, I had to have Jason’s support of being part time dad who can stay home when they are sick. For that reason Jason only could work part time. We appreciate the time that we got to spend with our children, but at the same time felt stuck. Going through several emotional challenges to live in a foreign country, we had decided to “make it” in Japan.


It is sad to say that we are breaking down and not able to do it in Japan. We don’t want to blame anybody or spread the bad story, but let’s just say that we experienced the dark side. We didn’t feel safe being here and lost all the hopes. We have to rebuild the family and it needs to be in USA where we all feel comfortable. We still love Japan and want to bridge the gap between the East and the West. For now the reset must be done in California!! At the same time I feel very bliss to be able to move, and get out of Japan, where environmentally we have serious concerns. The timing is good and only can appreciate the destiny.


Hope to be the medicine man that we are, and live our hearts. The best medicine is LOVE. The heart vibrates ten times stronger than the brain. What does your heart want…? Sometimes it is a hard path to find, but know that everything is going to be okay it gives me comfort. Be true to your heart and live your heart. Dalai Lama said the other day that all human being have the heart that shines. The dark side of the world is there, but if we find the way for our hearts to shine, we can be free. Free from guilt and judgment. True heart is so light and beautiful.



Love Love Love to the World~!!



Maya Kathleen Washizu Wilson

May 3rd 2014