Packing schedule with the mom things, planning dinner, running around between picking up the kids or taking to them to places. As I live each day and every day, I am thinking of my business how to come about and present to people. It is nerve racking to promote yourself, giving permission to yourself to be free, and let that living passionate come alive. I am sharing my process and thoughts for my own therapy, to be part of society today. As we all experiencing this world together, we are responsible for our action, words, and thoughts, because all these things have consequences. We all know it, right?! It’s a hard lesson to learn sometimes or the situation is completely out of your hand, but you are involved in it. What do you think of these situations, do you go with the flow, or try to control it, or accept and deal with it.

I have hard time approaching people about Health, it seems to me that no one wants help or talk about it, is it too personal? Have I lost touch with humanity? I feel strongly about Health, and human body’s wellbeing. I study soooooo much in the last 10 years all dedicated to Health and Alternative Health care, and still no one wants to talk about it. I am not being big headed, just wondering what does people wants. Just leave them in their old habit of damaging the body? Man are silently struggling in this modern world, and once a man breaks, its very hard to fix, I don’t know why, the mother didn’t love him enough when he was a baby? Everybody have problem, the whole world has a problem, and that means that we all have this huge problem that Everybody needs to get involved and really think about it.

I think it’s a big challenge. If we all think about your ancestor, for 2000 generations, and now it is You. What does our ancestor think about to world today, would they be happy with what we have accomplished? No matter what, we all carry in our DNA/Mitochondria, the beautiful nature of Mother Earth used, and when we practice meditation or “reading the air” in Japanese, that we all can tune into our natural way. Is that food that you are eating as any energy in there…? Do you know how animals were treated to be on your plate…? Do you know what GMO is and how much you are eating…? Anyways, these are the basic questions that you should be asking these day, and I know it is sad and disturbing.

Why are we talking about the food is so bad? It is because, there are far less Nutrients in the vegetables, not like the old days back my great grandmother had in her farm. Why are we over eating? This is because, there are bunch of junk in the process food, and we are not getting the nutrients that we need to sustain Healthy brain activity or organ function, period. If you eat organic, and really care of what you eat, you WILL feel good and Healthy. Money speaks to these corporations and we need to speak up more and let them know that we don’t want to be fed from them. You have to choose, for our future, and I am dead serious.

I love you and thank you for reading…
I just feel that it is urgent to speak up about your health, for our future generations. I hope that you’ll understand.

Love, Love, Love to the World and You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maya Kathleen Washizu