I got 15minutes to write something today while I am here at the Sacred Ground. Last night in Revision Medicine Wheel with Dr. Robert Martinez, Doctor of Indigenous Phyllis Bala, and myself welcomed Norma Parker Wilson. Norma is my mother-in-law, who is visiting us in Occidental California from the East side. I cannot remember where she lives right now, but I would really love for her to move over here close to us, close to her grandchildren. As I am working here at the Sacred Ground, Phyllis had a journey with me and found out that I was a Native Indian woman before, and that explains why I feel so attached to the culture and the ground here. Also, in Asia somewhere I drown by the ocean once, which explains my fear of big waves in ocean. As working through Nanasawa sensei’s Shinto book, I understand that for the training, we cannot get hang up with our personal karma, which means that don’t let that hang up on you for this life time, but learning from here at the Sacred Ground, that we need to let that life experience go and let it be free. You do not have to live life according to your past life experience. Have you had some memory of being in the same situation or flash of image that you and that person know each other from somewhere else? Yes, and there are more feelings that are hard to explain, maybe some sadness, or grief. The feelings that are inside of us, that cannot be explained are usually that kind of hanging spiritual karma-tic event that happened because of the natural disaster, or the time of the humanity events. We, as human beings, can relate to this as a common ground. I do not have a scientific research backing me up on this, but I am truly speaking from my own experience through my body, soul, and truly living the medicine in everyday practice for over 10 years. Now, we ARE already in next era of our planet, people are evolving together as a group conscious. Be part of it now with your children, for their future, for our Earth. Each individual must pull that plug to make new choices that will open up a new life, loving your each step, loving your people, loving your pets, loving your neighbor, loving your environment, loving yourself. Love the whole Earth. As a species, we have gone through some major trauma in the past, and now we are finding out the truth of our minds and souls in intense instinctual way that you know it is true in you, because you can FEEL.