Occidental Acutonic Clinic

Acutonics clinic is open to public for your support. It can be used for pain management, deep meditation into your body cell by cell. I remember when I started to get acupuncture treatment in a monthly base. More I relax during the treatment, more I became in touch with my own body. My body will tell me that the circulation that needles were making was very nice and every single cell in my body was thanking me for doing that. Acupuncture treatment has become my sacred space that I hold now for getting a treatment or giving a treatment. Acutonics are my new tools until I get my California Acupuncture License to be able to perform acupuncture. I love the art of acupuncture, but people seem to be scared of the idea of getting stung with needle. Acutonics are the tuning forks with bold edge that input/output the sound frequency. The vibration goes through the body in such a deep level that I never could experience with just needles.

I highly recommend getting treatment once a month if you are women, before you feel that edge, or during that time. Because it will help you balance your inner chemistry fluid. If you are men, it is appropriate for your pain management, and PTSD. Regular treatment will bring you peace within and internal calmness that you deeply seeking. For men, the world is changing too, where women wants you to speak out your feelings/traumas. I want to bring you my service to the world. Make this transitional time of the world a little bit smoother for you. I understand and research constantly about what is going on to our world. I am not interested in informing you with all of these information but be here for your support as you make your life challenge changes.

Constant treatment will help you regulate your blood pressure, learn to manage your blood sugar, listen your inner feeling of what your heart is telling you, and hopefully you can reduce your medication. Shinrinryoku is also recommended during your path finding. Taking a slow walk through forest or going to set by the ocean for a while and absorb nature particles in your body. Anyways, please feel free to come and see if you resonate with me. Let’s learn your body system and know what it needs to help you reset your body, help ease your transition, and help ease your physical pain. Baby steps to your deep longing changes that you really seek.

Love, Love, Love to the World~