ナチュラル エネルギーは血液が骨の中から生まれるように、愛エネルギーもこころの内側から生まれます。子供の成長と同じ様に、食べ物の栄養によって、成長もエネルギーの質が変わります。この質を感がる事が大事で、今ヒット中のグリーンジュースはこの質を良くする為に話題になっています。




  • 自分のココロの声 聞こえてますか?
  • ココロは何と言っていますか?
  • ココロにハッピーという気分が存在してますか?
  • どんな時にハッピーを感じますか?
  • ココロのドアが重くて開かない感じがしてませんか?


  • 人と触れ合ってください。握手からでも大丈夫。日本人がハグできる様になったらすごいココロの進歩が訪れると想います。ココロと心を繋げられる人が増えますように!!


How to Change the Value

Ohh, I was a normal Japanese girl who love brand name things and new fashion. I still love to go shopping and spend time on the details, but my main value has changed when I started to understand the Hippie minds.

The Hippies, they had a point.

The right Hippies, it was about community and love. Peace comes with these values. People doesn’t need fancy brand name anything to survive. We need healthy food and water to survive.

The separation between human values is the one that is killing our planet. But I truly believe that people on the top are not going to let the earth die for real. I see the changes that are happening because I see so many people are working for the earth now.

I just want to help heal the Hearts. The Hearts were totally traumatized from human history and sabotage that we know of to build the world that we live in. I know that nobody wants to take the blame, but we all are guilty as just being a human on earth right now.

We need to accept our doing as human.

We all are survivors.

I know that you think about the earth.

But have you felt how the Earth feels, how we live on the Earth as a living being? What would the Earth say to us? Ouch. Ouch, Ouch. ………………. Ouch. Stinky, nasty, dirty……… not much of good stuff.

So, this is the sad part.

I try to write or post only positive notes on my social media, but my roots comes from feeling the pain of the Earth, wanting to spread the word of Love to you.

I love you very much and I live to share my experience with you.

I hope you’ll share your story. I would love to hear it.

Love, Love, Love to the World~!!

Maya Kathleen Washizu