Wow! What a change we just went through, from living in North California to up the mountains, to be in the land of Oregon. Now, we are settled and happy. The groomy weather only comes and goes, it actually sunny here, and people are nice. Big surprise is that there are so many students from China, Korea, and Japan. So many Asians!! Personally, I am not used to being around so many Asians in America. Anyways, I am happy to be able to work at the Tokyo Ramen, and speak my language to interact with people. For being an acupuncturist, you know that we “see” people, and pay lots of attentions to how people are in their body/mind/spirit. This is a good practice for me.

I am putting my paper work together for Oregon Acupuncture License, they ask lots of questions and need many paper work; Birth Certificate, finger prints, Chronology of the last 10 years of my life, verifications from NCCAOM and SWAC. Yet better than trying to get license in California by far. I am starting to think that this Healing Business doesn’t really work, because people are so used to taking pills for EVERYTHING that you can think of these days. Why should you go natural? Why try to trigger your own body to heal you? Why go against the Western Medicine? Why not take a pill to control your blood pressure and diabetes. Why not just take a pain killer because it hurts. Its just so EASY.

Being healthy is complicated these days. Being able to make that right choice is hard, because that cake looks so good. I know, I’ve been there, I love to eat cookies. I was completely clueless about Health. I guess as long as you are happy, that is pretty good, but it seems there are lots of mental illness issues out there too. The world is changing, changing so fast, that maybe baby boomers can’t even catch up to what the young people are thinking or talking about. Well, it’s time to become a family, the connection between people are real. Believe what’s real to your heart. Feel Your Heart.

The Heart houses the Love, nothing more or less, just love. Maybe it remembers the pain or the trauma, but it’s mostly LOVE. When the Heart is truly happy, your spirit is in full control, guiding you to the next step each day. When your anger, sadness, grief, thinking are in charge of your life, you are not happy. These are the emotions that cause you to have illnesses. Emotions come from within, which means that it affects internal organs, and you start to have patterns and tendencies. And these patterns and tendencies are the bad influence on your body. We as an Acupuncturist are trained to recognize these patterns that causing you to have that symptoms like stomach ache, headache, back pain, disturb sleep (insomnia), pimples, twitching, cramps, ect….

Ohh well, I am going to patiently wait till the time comes, I trust the unknown of life take me.

Traditional Medicine is a folk medicine, I’m here to share, not to get you to “buy my product.” The focus is in you, because you have to do the 50% of work to get better. Hand and hand, not depending on the pills, depend on your family, friends, community, and nature.



Love to the World…!!                                   IMG_7720