Here I have a mixture of culture, Japanese sweet Azuki beans and American vanilla ice cream and strawberry. The mix of these two delivers the delicious harmony of two opposite cultures from completely different part of the world. I love all people and cultures, people are amazing and love working with people.  I wish to share with you my joy of life and my purpose with you. Thank you for attending here today.


My goodness, it is November 11, 2015. It is Veteran’s day today in US. I have some friends who were in the military served part of their lives for the country. I really don’t know and have no idea what they have gone through… wish that I could know how it is to be in their boots. Thank you for being who you are and am grateful to know you in person. Love, Love, Love to the World~!!

今日アメリカでは軍人の日。少ない数ですが、直接知ってるお友達で実際に戦争の現場の出ている人を知っています。とても複雑な世界の輪の中、私達は何気なく過ごしていますが、誰も本気で話はしたく無い内容ですよね。実際にこの話題は人類の悲しい話ばかり。世界平和を目指しながらこれからも自分磨きですね!! 今日も有り難き幸せ。ありがとう!!


Maya でした!