Inner peace….. within me, myself, coming to ground my soul into place. Feel each finger tips as energy starts to flow, tingle of electricity that runs within you.


Gives the vibrant circulation into the whole body and come back to the Heart center.


Palm of my hands warms with sparkles of healing universal Qi.


As I take a deep breath, slow and steady throughout my body, I begin to treat this person. Slowly move into their energy field with respect and honor, I begin my practice. Letting the healing universal spirits to move my hands, feel the patient’s sore muscles and trigger points, start the treatment.


Taking everything as a sign, letting the air dictates the treatment plan.


I used to get acupuncture all the time. Once a week was a good rate for me, eventually, slowly, I figured out my body. Learning about seasons, food as medicine, inner emotions, stress, and trauma, human body, mind and spirit started to make so much sense. No matter what position you are in in this world, we still are human, human with hearts and spirits. For this matter, I love human and interacting with all sorts of people.


It is all up to each moment of life.


We make up the decision on every situation in our lives that determines our happiness/sadness level. How to look at your situation become a habit and a pattern that creates the diseases. Physical pain comes from the posture of standing, walking, driving, eating, or anything that you created as a habitual stagnation in your body.


Body is amazing though, when we recognize these patterns and when you are ready to make that change and incorporate a new idea that sounds awesome, we do that. Body loves to feel better and good. You can actually feel your body cells get activated by nutrients, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.


Treat your body well, get good sleep, talk nice to your friends and family, carry love in your heart, smile and laugh. Live each moment consciously and don’t let any moment slip by, because that was your moment to smile and wave. We are evolving as species and it’s only natural and organic to be more in love with humanity.


Be part of a village, raise the children of your village and enjoy life.
































Love to the World~





Thank you for being here with me!


Maya Kathleen Washizuより