Its only neutral/natural and organic to physically and spiritually to be involved in creating/seeing your vision.


The Vision


You have decided a while ago during your meditation moments.


You know who you are.


You are what you are.


Figuring out your mission in life is one of the most hardest thing in life, may be.

It is really hard to narrow down your passion. Especially, when you are deciding what and how you want to make your money in this world. We are part of the contribution to how the world occupies itself. That is why we are part of both bad and good, all the other gray-sub-culture and the Whole Entire World.


I respect your hard work.


It’s time to respect YOU as whom you are and maybe pay more respect to other people as well.


It always goes both way and directions.


Attachments are sometimes hard to let go, but its healthy to let go and let it be… Separate what is yours, and pull out that string, or chop it off from your body. Detaching yourself from the string will help you come back to yourself as single unit of BEING. This time/life of BEING, you as an individual, will experience sense of connection. Connecting to friends and family, pets, natures, spiritual experiences, sense of connection and where you are in the world.









“Alternative Medicine”

might be one of your

“Heard of,”

Method of healing, please pay respects to our medicine. We are so dedicated to our study and knowledge to help with body function neurologically, spiritually and physically we can help you balance the hormone and parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system with ear acupuncture, regular acupuncture, body work, herbs and diet.


Your emotions are yours.


People can make you feel, but its usually come from your inner cause of that kind of FEELING. 7 Emotions are one of the hot topics in Chinese Medicine School, because people/we get sick from even one strong emotion that comes deep within. It is one of the diagnosis tools of our medicine to understand the patient’s emotional state of BEING.


Old Chinese saying of “Middle Path” means to keep your emotions into check, always, not to be round up in one emotion for long time, keep the balance.




















Love, Love, Love to the World~!!


Maya Kathleen Washizu