Magic of saying “No” to situations or job, have helped me clear my mind. Saying “no,” can be hard for those people who are used to serve others. Women tend to put other people before herself, or being a mom, we are the last one on line. Change is scary and takes time to create new habits. When I decided to quit my everyday Ramen job was tough, because I was getting attached to the customers and actually loved the feeling of giving customer service. Although as soon as I quit, new door opened up with new bigger opportunity with new challenges to grow my business.


Running your own business is hard because money is unpredictable and stable. Working somewhere as an employee feels more stable, but not much freedom with what you do. I want to bridge East and West, in Eugene, it seems to have some kind of functional program that does that. For example, Lillian’s school is USA’s first Japanese immersion public school, and there are so many families who participate in the school program. I truly appreciate that this school exist here in Eugene. I hope to become part of the community and help out with what I can do.


HealIMG_9152th and Beauty

It only makes sense that I choose this path to dedicate my career to Health and Beauty. Beauty is tricky, but I am talking about that Beauty that comes within. Your Heart’s Beauty, many pains and suffering filled with golden sparkles, you shine more beautiful. Talking about the Heart is my favorite topic, because I live from my Heart so many years, that I can see when people are suffering when they are not living from their heart, or they are listening to their heart. When you listen and live from your Heart, you feel right, your gut feeling is feeling good and happy. Your eye shines, look straight into the situation, your hands moves naturally.


I am dedicated to bring you all the information that you need to bring out your spirit to full service here on Earth. Your spirit lives in your Heart. Your eye shines your spirit that lives in your Heart. This is why we can see; connect with other human or animal through looking into each other’s eyes. When your heart opens up to other beings, you resonate too and with each other. We look at other person’s emotional state by looking into their eyes. We do this every day and each moment with everybody. When person is not fulfilling their Heart’s Dream, life becomes hard and stressful. Let’s not do that to ourselves in this crazy world we live in already. Please enjoy your life every day.


ラーメン屋さんを辞めてからしっかり鍼師になる為にチカラを入れて行くことにしました。進む方向を決めたら何だかとてもすっきりしました。新しい可能性の包まれるってとても新鮮。自分の道は自分で決めるべきですね。お道を決めるって実は難しくて、沢山迷う時も有りますよね。でも、自分の心の夢を知っていれば、自然に決められるはずです。心の夢って何でこんなに恥ずかしい気持ちのなってしまうんだろう。心からの道を歩む事を恥ずかしがらずに行けばいいのに。日本人だからかな。今までの人の生き方がDNA のレベルで組み込まれている様に、ホントに恥ずかしい。



















Maya Kathleen Washizu



Love Love Love to the World~!!