When I first started the program in Boulder, Colorado at the Southwest Acupuncture College in 2004, I did not know anything about health.  I was only 23 years old at the time, being one of the youngest students at the school, I felt lucky to know all these information to be a Chinese Medicine Doctor.  For a first year student, there are many walls, but one of them was to have an understanding of the terminology like yin and yang.  First year is always the hardest for adjusting yourselves to the new environment and trying to live the medicine.  I remember I asked the 3rd year student, what is exercise?  It was so dumb that I could not even ask the teacher.  Jason answers the question with great compassion, you can climb mountain, go for a bike ride and go for a walk.  Ohhhhh, I was enlightened that all those sounds like fun activities were considered exercise.  I know, it’s so dumb, but when you are 23 years old, you don’t have to “exercise” to keep up with your body.  I was getting little soft though for never intended to do any exercise.


Now, I am happy to know about regular base exercise to keep me fit and happy.  To live the medicine, you must do some physical activity that you like in your weekly routines.  Just knowing this will help you so much in your well being.  Cooking was other learning in my first year at SWAC.  As 23 year old, I remember I was starting to cook, but still learning.  I had a sense though not to buy my chicken at the Walmart…  Knowing your source of food was naturally important in Traditional Chinese Medicine, eating the locally grown food is considered healthier for you to fit the environment.  It seems that all these ideas are only common sense, yet people might over look for being the healthy tip of your life.  Eating home cooked whole foods, as much as organic, only palm size protein as your serving, seasonal cooked vegetable, leafy green, and well thought out oil consumption.  It is so important to have your hormone balanced by just from your meal intake, to help your body build more hormones, protein, and other functional building block that we need for the repair.  In this way, you CAN have your food as a medicine.


Third important keys to your wellness is that we all need to socialize and speak our minds to share our feelings of emotions to feel connected, and feel the support to ground us. I feel like I don’t even to talk about the importance of the family’s support, because we all know that in our hearts how important that is. Although, being a parent is not an easy task. Balancing everything every day and still keep up the good attitude can be challenging. Life isn’t like Facebook, the reality of life is struggle in our ages, hard to find good jobs and raise your family with good health. This is why I encourage you to start shopping for health every time you pay for food. Know what you are putting in to your body, know what you are feeding your family and love ones. Its survivable, it doesn’t seem like that, but it is.


I will break it down to how to be conscious to have a healthy life style without stressing out each step. Please take things easy and slow too if you are committed to making these changes in your life. Get the whole family involved and have lots of fun trying new things and figure out what works best for you and your family.















Love, Love, Love to the World~




Maya Kathleen Washizu