We accept the pain, it comes and goes, depends on the weather, mood, stress level… there are so many reasons we deal with our pain. Sometimes we hold emotional pain in the hearts, and rarely cry it out. Physical pain can be easily treated with over the counter pain killer. Nothing is wrong here, just normal human ways to deal with pain. I guess what I am trying to say here is that, I will listen to your pain and make it feel better, because I choose this occupation to do just that.


I am interested in working in hospice care too, but talking about dying is hard too. Its more about the family who are going through death. Every culture has different takes on Death, but natural medicine such as Acupuncture can help ease the pain and make things smoother than complicated drug therapy. My grandfather wanted to be aware of his dying days, he didn’t want to have big loads of morphine, and he was easily comforted by touch and communications.


Let your tears flow your eyes, anytime you feel your tears wanting to come out, let it flow. This is your emotional being needing to express through your true Heart. We talked about your eyes house your Heart. We can see people’s heart through their eyes, our spirits comes through with vision and love. When you hold these tears, your body becomes tight and tense creating stagnation in the body. More you collect these stagnation, more pain you have….


Body loves to stretch and move freely with movement, so is the emotions, as we know we have range of emotions too. Opening up to new ideas and habits of life might be difficult for some people, but it is actually really good for our minds and hearts. Same old way becomes stuck and habitual emotional response can be stacking up those stagnation of pain. Causing you to have them symptoms of headache, high blood pressure, dizziness, anger, irritations, cramp, lose stool, constipation and more.


It might seem okay, you might think to “leave me alone,” but these are the initial cry of the body that you are not dealing it right. I understand that the world is full of painful news, but you are YOU. We can’t take all the pain for the world.


Actually, more you become aware and health conscious, we are helping the Earth.


Being kind to your body and mind, this then feed your spirit to be free from the fear. If you know what you are doing, what you are eating, there will be no fear. We accept our place and time on Earth to be part of this amazing World.


Live from Heart




Love, Love, Love to the World~!


Maya Kathleen




Heart to Heart connection consciousness from Maya