If there is one thing I want people to know about Health is that, Health is naturally occurring all the time, the body will always tries to be well. It’s when you keep putting the junk in there for the body to process and store in the muscles or fats. Chemical flows through the blood stream affecting the brain. Looking at what you eat is super important, but nobody wants to hear about it, because it is emotionally sensitive topic and it brings up some issue. We have attachment towards certain snacks, sweets, and drinks. It’s a rewarding system that became a habit or even part of YOU.


You see, it is already emotional and personal to talk about food.


It is really difficult to talk about food with people, yet, it is the most important key factor to grasping true Health. You can still eat that sweets and snacks, but please keep the amount in moderation.


Buy less processed food.


I understand in our busy lives, it is impossible to not buy any process foods, but certainly we can reduce the amount of buying the junk food. Processed foods are anything that comes in package, ready-made food, fast foods and some frozen food…even smoothies in the bottle is not good as you make it at home.


Eat less Dairy

Dairy is one of the most key elemental produce that causes many difficulties in the body.


Stop drinking Diet anything

The chemical for Diet drinks, low calories are harmful to the body, it is addictive too. Just stop with the soda, it is melting your bone density, and too much sugar or fake sugar that your body does not know what to do with.


Are you drinking enough water every day?

Are you eating enough dark green vegetables?

Are you doing your stretches?


What does your body/mind/spirit need to feel good?

I know what I need. I need to take it easy once a month at least around my moon, and really feel my body. I deserve to check in with myself and do whatever I need to stay happy and healthy. Especially, with my occupation, I have to stay healthy and strong to see people and give Universal energy of love through my body and hands. I also know that stress will cause inflammation which then leads to other illness.


Anti-Inflammatory is Anti-Aging or shall we say Smart Aging.


Your attitude does matter too.

When you are just so careless about your situation or your normal daily lives, you are not grounded. When people are not grounded, your attitude and the eyes will show your lack of care. It comes through in the voice, body gestures, and your communication.


Start with Imagination

Imagine from your feet, you grow roots into the Earth. You already feel so much more grounded. Imagination is amazing! Use that part of brain more and more, it will help you with strengthening your instinct/gut feeling/heart/love power that we all have as a Being.


I am writing too much.

Please take baby steps making progress in your Health. Everybody can do it. You have to feel it, feel your body response to your kindness.


Much much love to You.

Thank you so much.


Hope to see you soon~


Maya Kathleen Washizu