Today I feel like sharing my deep thought on womanhood. As a man reader, you might feel like here we go again with feminism, but that is not where I am going. Medicinally speaking, naturally women’s body is slightly different than man, hormone plays a big deal in our differences.


I grew up seeing my mom in the work field as a normal thing. I had no idea that women were not allowed to work in academic or medicinal or scientific field at all just may be about 100 years ago. Little work at a time, women have been working hard for other women to be able to work as human at least in developed countries.


I remember my grandma telling me that I was lucky to be able to choose a career of my choice.


So much has changed so fast for all of us human and animals and the entire world of Earth.


For my mother’s generation, she got to choose and work in the mostly men field of Veterinary world at the time. I know that she had some hard time working in this environment getting picked on by older men or just working in manly environment all the time. Luckily she had my dad to protect her who understood their own generation and world peace.


This year, my mom finally retired at age of 65. She had worked so hard to build her career, very smart and strict minded and organized. Now that she had retired, I really want her to relax and enjoy herself as much as possible. Working so hard is tiring for women’s body. Women’s bodies are not designed to work so hard and put up a manly fight.


Women, we need to take our time to nourish ourselves all the time.


Take time to relax and enjoy the moment with family and pets or whatever you love to do. Try to avoid stressful life style. We get sick when we push ourselves, push the body to the max. I know that as a mom, we put ourselves last, but sometimes, we need our bath, we need to take a hike in the mountain, walk and get some sun at the beach…


Take care of the body and mind, which then naturally that will take care of your spirit.


The degenerating Earth and our health correspond to one other. As we treat our mother earth poor, our health degenerate too. It’s a sad circle we are in right now. In our individual level, baby step that we can take is to be part of the right cause that you believe in. Recycle really well for our next generation. Save the Earth.


I am happy to announce to you, I am pregnant!!


Being pregnant gives you special power. Special power to live and do things right for the baby who is coming to this world…. What if you are having baby inside of you right now? Knowing what is going on to our society with drug/vaccine problems, radiation in Japan, toxic food of GMO, polluted air quality from Chemtrails, toxic sea from Fukushima, and not to mention increasing health issues of cancers and heart diseases.


So much over our sweet Mother Earth.


I am supposed stay calm and happy as a pregnant woman should be, but it is hard to stay calm when everything seems all wrong. So I will put my focus on my happy little world and not think about the entire world.


I am only happy to bring this baby into my life for some selfish reasons. So when I die, these children of mine will hold me and tell me that they love me in their arms. That is all. At certain point, there is no control of our crazy world that we just tune out all the bad things or scary things, and we just become focus on our everyday lives. We do our best. This is why it bothers me so much when I meet people who don’t care much of anything. They just talk and talk bull shit out their ass.


I want more mindful people, who care about the world and earth. I want all of my friends to care about the world want to teach next generation to care and treat people right from their hearts. Be a truthful person. Don’t sabotage each other. Be more professional as who you are. Take responsibilities. Stop blaming other people for your shit. You are You.


Taking my baby steps to peace.


My inner peace and love.


Love that I have for humanity and earth is so great that golden light burst out of my chest. I love being here. I hope you do too. Love your people.


Thank you…..

Maya Kathleen Washizu







禁酒、禁煙、カフェインも駄目と色々な事に制限がかかる妊婦さん。得に初めての妊婦さんは初めての身体の変化に不安も有るかと思われます。痛いし、お腹空くし、だるくて眠いし、イライラしやすいかも? 夏に妊娠しているのはホントに辛い時も有るかと思いますが、先ずは安産対策です。足とお腹をとにかく冷やさない事を第一に心掛けてください。