Summer is here!!

I love summer.

How about you?


Generally, during the summer we all feel pretty good. We have some traveling plans and fun activities with friends and family. I am going back to Japan for couple of weeks too and attending a lovely wedding. Also have a plan to go camping with my son’s best friend and his family. The master plans are being formed during the spring, and excitement of the summer begins as soon as our kids are out of school for the summer. I am sure you are excited as well…maybe?


I am always concern about the busy summer though, that we have too much fun and get over tired. Then the busy fall comes and everybody gets sick. Let’s plan to have better thought out plan for summer and ease into the fall this year. I want to give you several tips for this summer since you will be too busy having so much fun.


  • During the summer, we have to really watch out for eating too much or drinking too much cold icy food/drinks. (I am 100% sure you’ve heard this one before! Still very important.)
  • Watch your body temperature in the cold air conditioning situations. (If you were sweaty hot and jump into cold air conditioner, you are going to catch the worse cold ever during the hot summer, nobody likes that.)
  • Not too much Water melon. (You know where you go with too much water melon; you will pee too much and get dehydrated, and would have to drink more water. Everything in moderation.)
  • Summer Love is super fun, but having too much fun can lead to heart aches… (We all done it at least once, right? That fun summer love, where did it go… During the summer, our Hearts are wide open, receiving and projecting lots of love to the world, seeking connections and fun. We have to watch out not to lose control of the Heart and feel like a crazy person.)
  • Perfect time for Romantic dates and passionate love making. (Go for it, make a special memory for 2016!!)


If you are going to places where it is so super-hot, you always have to drink water, heat stroke is real and does kill people every summer. The summer sun is strong and wearing UV protection is very important these days too. Please remember to get sun protection for your family members too.


I understand as the mom of the family, by reading this article today that you may feel responsible for family’s well-being, but I don’t want you to get stressed out. Please enjoy your summer and think through to the fall, because you know everybody is going to be tired when the school starts back up again in September. Summer is great for romantic nights and beautiful adventure to see the world, and grow up a lot from all the experiences that you had. Have lots of fun and follow the basic guide and you will be in harmony with the season.













Love, Love, Love to the World~!!


Maya Kathleen Washizu