Sometimes I feel like giving myself an acupuncture treatment, just because I feel “little off,” or “unsettle.” Also it is a good time to feel how the needle feels and rechecking how the treatment feels in my body. This time I am trying to see if I can see before and after differences in picture. With cosmetic acupuncture it is important that I look good, right?! I have to be the sample of the product.


I think as healthcare practitioner we are always the model of health. We have to be well all the time. This is good because my life style becomes clean, but I still struggle like everybody else. I can only clean the house well, when I know I have a guest coming over. I am not good at putting away laundry and the laundry room becomes a pile of clothes. I get tired at the end of the day with hip pain, and have to take a bath and set on my massage chair.


I am constantly on the “reset” with my own emotional life. Nobody is perfect.


Every day brings different challenge, and we cope every day to be our best. I truly believe that everybody deserved to reset and relax from their crazy lives. We all try so hard every day. When your body learns to relax and reset, that itself can help you clear your brain and receive more universal energy of natural flow. Natural flow of life force energy, body will learn to let go of stress that is not yours, and soften the muscle tension.


Know that you totally deserve it.


Reconnect with your heart-self. Who you really are, who you were born into. You know who you are. It is okay to be that person that you really are. Not the person the people around you create or expect of you. You are YOU.


May be I am just talking to myself, but I know that this is accepted and encouraged these day in the enlightened world view. We are finding out we are beings of powerful source. Even though the world seems so crazy, the spiritual world cannot be taken away, what is beautiful and our amazing natures on Earth.


Be one.


You are not alone.















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先ずはここら辺からの習慣を取り入れてみてはいかがですか? 綺麗になります!






Love, Love, Love to the World~!!


Maya Kathleen Washizu