Where I come from…


Experience from the childhood is so big in life. I finally realized the importance of basic skills and the freedom of growing up. The gap between Trump supporters and generation X is huge right now. The gap is so big it seems unreal sometimes. How could this be possible? I can only assume that we have evolved and were living in revolutionary society of our own, until now… back firing at all of us. Try to kill our hearts, our hearts of freedom, and love to all humanity.


We were pretty much blinded by the racism, we were brought up in melting pot, and we were happy.


Only thing I will do is keeping on doing what I do best. Hands on healing to one person at a time, teach individual of their own power, reminding them how to use their hearts. I will never stop, because I love what I do. I worked hard to get where I am today, and I will continue to keep going with my dream and goals.


My dream is to free up my fellow Japanese people. I feel that people in Japan is tied up in their way of strict “must be this way,” “same as others,” “cannot stand out,” and “care about what other think of you.” People, children deal with this idealistic society from very young age. I tried to fit-in in Japan. Jason and I had real hard time trying. We thought if we keep trying, one of these days, we might fit in. The answer was no. We never felt like we were part of the community.


My dream is to loosen up a little bit of this hardship of Japanese mentality, because too many suicide and too many anti-depressant drugs are being used. The shame of being depressed, the shame of being able to show your true self, and shame of the family. The Samurai heart still lives in the culture of Japan and its hard sometimes for so many people. Shut out from the rest of world, people are clueless. I guess this might be happening everywhere in the world.


Individual has to want it or one will never find the true freedom.


My dream is to share my experience to others to benefit for their health. True sense of health in calm way of being, naturally balanced, and organically grow old. The biggest of all I would love to assist the life at the end of new beginning. This part is still seem a little far away, but would love to have a place where family comes to celebrate life. Treat everyone and bring all the hearts together for the ones journey. Even for animals.


I don’t know what else to do with my life. This is my work. I wish I can document everybody’s different life story, because they are all different and amazing. I love hearing people’s stories and how they are here today, even though it is so hard and tough, they are amazing. I want to honor all individuals and let them know that they are okay. We all have our mission in life. I think the main differences in the generational gap is that we believe from our hearts that we are one as a species, and nothing cannot separate us.


We know in our hearts.


We feel the connection to the Earth.


We feel for the nature.


Stay strong and we will be okay. Keep working on your dream and hold that feeling of connection. Know it in your heart. Live from your heart. Feed yourself with nutrient rich organic food, drink lots of water, go for a nature hike, go camping, look at the stars and moon, feel the sun shine. Feel the strong energy inside of you. Grow your root down now to where you are. Spread your wings from your heart. Step back from yourself and look at yourself. Feel the strength in yourself.


You got it.






Feel the light from your Heart.


Let it flow inside of you. Be calm and gentle with yourself.


You got it.






































Thank you

Thank you for reading and feeling,


Love, Love, Love to the World~





Maya Kathleen Washizu