Rest in Peace Mama


We arrived to Tokyo on 18th of December, 2017. When we got home, my mom greeted us with loud voice that I was surprised. She was so skinny and I notice that she was slightly irritated by our noise. I felt bad. Bad for this situation, nobody wants this, nobody wants her to die. She held herself for us to come home to her, held to see her grandchild once more with her own eyes.


Right away, Jason and I decided we should have a gathering party for her, so we can all come to the heart of family, to say good bye, and remember the good times, thank her for everything that she has done for us.


She waited to be on opioid until we were there, to stay conscious as possible, but as soon as were there she let down her defense. The cancer is taking over her lower abdominal cavity starting to pressure her hip joint, disturbing her bowel and urinary pathways, causing her lots of pain. Her spirit so strong, wanting to take care of her own bathroom business, washing the sink after each time she used it, and ringing the bell for help.


Sleeping beauty she called herself, princess at the tower of light, in and out of our realm. Still recognized people when they come and visit, greed them with all she got, cheering them on to their lives. She was amazing. Her brain was so clear and sharp.


Message here is that, we live with our full potential all the way to the end. Who you are matters, and each one of us is unique in our own way. Nobody has a right to judge a person and their ways of lives. I hope you are not a judger. We have no idea. …. Spirit can exist in so many forms, if you pay attention and ask, they will show up and show you. I never experienced anything like this in my entire life.


Thank you for following my story. Now I am empower to continue with my life mission and hold my passion to my heart. Creating a space for calmer, spiritual base office to share more of our feelings and study our body as full human potential in all the levels. Safe spot to be open, to feel, to connect with ancestors, to communicate with nature, help people get in tuned with their spirit’s path.


People’s spirit’s path gets disconnected and we forget to know who we really are. We are bringing sound healing, light healing, shamanic work, meditation, essential oils into our Spa style setting. Experience Spirit Spa call Botanica. There isn’t quite anything like this yet, blue printing our way of practice, to openly bringing spirit into our practice.


Live the medicine


Enjoy life everyday


Pray and connect


Feel and listen to your Heart


Find a place and space to be your Higher Self


You are YOU


Ground your feet with strong root, deep into the Earth, and spread your wings. Be 100% conscious when you are speaking to people, truly care about that person for that moment you are with them, but don’t take anything personal. Energy is real, and we do need to be careful of other people’s energy. You should have your heart energy surrounding yourself, so you don’t get sick from other people’s negativity. You know this, by you feel sometimes, feeling off for some reasons after an interaction with others.


I want to teach and guild you to become more sensitive to your body, mind, and spirit.




I am done hiding in my closet; I need windows and plants, open air to breath. Come and join us and feel the freedom.




Love, Love, Love to the World~

Maya Kathleen Washizu L.Ac.