Hi there!!

I am using my new iPad with key board attached to it. Trying out writing on installed word app here. It feels pretty nice to type and I am excited to be writing again. Wow, I might be able to start blogging again this year. I haven’t been writing after my mom passed. I feel and learned that when there is grief, energy gets stuck there and it is hard to move forward from there.

When people are stuck in the old trauma or grief and holding on to it, body/spirit gets stuck there too. Then we are afraid of moving forward. Or maybe not even afraid, just don’t know why but feels stuck. I felt stuck hearted. Not being able to write or find some words to put them down. I learned this summer when my dad told me what he has learned from going to some classes. Grief creates energy block.

When energy gets blocked in certain way or that unhealed pain gets stuck in a person, people lives from suffering state of mind. This is not healthy. People usually pick up unhealthy habits, become alcoholic or addicted to food or whatever and anything else. Beautiful state of mind cannot be achieved when you are stuck in this life style pattern.

To be able to come out is to finally acknowledge and make the decision in your heart to heal. When healing starts, body will relax and will help you heal. Body wants to heal, and feel better as soon as possible. It doesn’t like it when you drink too much, eat too much, smoke too much, anything too much. Body works so hard for you. It is keeping you alive. It is giving you life. Your mother gave birth to you so you can live and have a life.

Come to you heart.

Feel your heart.

Look into your heart.

Breath into your heart.

Ground your energy deep into the earth.

Feel the love in your heart. Bring the grief and trauma in there and let it go. Let some golden light surround your scar and heal. Breath in and relax into your body. Take it a easy relaxed breath into your body. Let those tears come out because you have been holding. Holding so much in. Let it come out, why do you hold so much to begin with? Who said you have to? We are all here together, you don’t have to pretend to be this iron man or woman, why? Just let your heart heard this time. Feel your heart.

Love is in the heart. Heart is only made out of love. Beautiful soul that you are only can shine through the heart and the eyes. Open up your chest. It is all going to be okay. Don’t be afraid.

Love, Love, Love to the World~!!

Maya Kathleen Washizu