Let’s write a blog really quick!

Full Moon Baby here she comes

Community is a good feeling. Wherever you are, whoever you are, we all need some trusted friends. I understand that men needs their man cave time, and us women need our time. It is so interesting that we all need to feel that safe connection from one another. It is essential for our healthy mind and spiritual beings. But can you ask for help? When you really feel lonely and sad, can you reach out? Can you call?

It is so hard to actually make that call or take that action to reach out.

We want other who are close to figure it out without actually saying and reaching out… why do we do this? I think it’s because it is hard to receive as women especially, and it is hard to receive care if they are not your family. I’ve learned something recently. Sharing in regular basis is a good wonderful thing to stay tuned with your friends. So if something does happened, they already know what has been going on with you, so you can break down in front of them. They will give you the care you would need to feel safe and cared for.

Asking takes courage because when we have to ask we are vulnerable.

Asking is love, because if your trusted friend ask you for help, you will be more than happy to help. We all want to be there for each other, because we are community. Belonging to a community benefits us by sense of wholeness, oneness, and connection and love. I want to thank my friends because they helped me go through my 4th pregnancy with such a care and love. They provided me safety and space so I can be myself as whole spiritual being. Ceremony for baby blissing was amazing part of this journey, gathering with other beautiful women, and connecting with hearts. For the first time I completely relax to receive and opened my heart to the unknown. Then feeling my mom’s spirit with happiness and watching over, I felt the bliss.

Compassion and loving care to learn about others, because we are all human at the end. It doesn’t matter if you are famous, you are human and have a body. I believe in Earth People. We are all one. I just want to help humanity to evolve together to the next level of peace. I want to teach our children that they are the future and to love and care for each other.

Parenting is hard because each child has to learn hard lesson on their own from their own mistakes, and I have to be there to guild them with my tears, smiles, and kisses. Emotional education is deep and sorrow, it roots down deep and if some mistakes, they are traumatized for a long time. Grown adults with emotional trauma so old and deep is really hard to heal. As parents, there are lots of responsibilities to make things right for their children. Just because they are grown, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything stored in the heart.

Trusted friends becomes the family and it is wonderful.

Trusted community of like minded people will help you go through anything, even death.

Get grounded, feel the rock, dirt, sand, ocean, mountain, grass, and grow strong roots from your feet. Breath in deep and open your heart to the back like you have swings. Breath and listen. Put your attention to your heart. Open your crown chakra or top of your head to the sky.

Reach out to Universe

Know that you are okay

We belong here

Love that person

Feel the ease and smile

Love, Love, Love to the World~