深呼吸 Take a Deep Breath

Today I feel like sharing my deep thought on womanhood. As a man reader, you might feel like here we go again with feminism, but that is not where I am going. Medicinally speaking, naturally women’s body is slightly different than man, hormone plays a big deal in our differences.


I grew up seeing my mom in the work field as a normal thing. I had no idea that women were not allowed to work in academic or medicinal or scientific field at all just may be about 100 years ago. Little work at a time, women have been working hard for other women to be able to work as human at least in developed countries.


I remember my grandma telling me that I was lucky to be able to choose a career of my choice.


So much has changed so fast for all of us human and animals and the entire world of Earth.


For my mother’s generation, she got to choose and work in the mostly men field of Veterinary world at the time. I know that she had some hard time working in this environment getting picked on by older men or just working in manly environment all the time. Luckily she had my dad to protect her who understood their own generation and world peace.


This year, my mom finally retired at age of 65. She had worked so hard to build her career, very smart and strict minded and organized. Now that she had retired, I really want her to relax and enjoy herself as much as possible. Working so hard is tiring for women’s body. Women’s bodies are not designed to work so hard and put up a manly fight.


Women, we need to take our time to nourish ourselves all the time.


Take time to relax and enjoy the moment with family and pets or whatever you love to do. Try to avoid stressful life style. We get sick when we push ourselves, push the body to the max. I know that as a mom, we put ourselves last, but sometimes, we need our bath, we need to take a hike in the mountain, walk and get some sun at the beach…


Take care of the body and mind, which then naturally that will take care of your spirit.


The degenerating Earth and our health correspond to one other. As we treat our mother earth poor, our health degenerate too. It’s a sad circle we are in right now. In our individual level, baby step that we can take is to be part of the right cause that you believe in. Recycle really well for our next generation. Save the Earth.


I am happy to announce to you, I am pregnant!!


Being pregnant gives you special power. Special power to live and do things right for the baby who is coming to this world…. What if you are having baby inside of you right now? Knowing what is going on to our society with drug/vaccine problems, radiation in Japan, toxic food of GMO, polluted air quality from Chemtrails, toxic sea from Fukushima, and not to mention increasing health issues of cancers and heart diseases.


So much over our sweet Mother Earth.


I am supposed stay calm and happy as a pregnant woman should be, but it is hard to stay calm when everything seems all wrong. So I will put my focus on my happy little world and not think about the entire world.


I am only happy to bring this baby into my life for some selfish reasons. So when I die, these children of mine will hold me and tell me that they love me in their arms. That is all. At certain point, there is no control of our crazy world that we just tune out all the bad things or scary things, and we just become focus on our everyday lives. We do our best. This is why it bothers me so much when I meet people who don’t care much of anything. They just talk and talk bull shit out their ass.


I want more mindful people, who care about the world and earth. I want all of my friends to care about the world want to teach next generation to care and treat people right from their hearts. Be a truthful person. Don’t sabotage each other. Be more professional as who you are. Take responsibilities. Stop blaming other people for your shit. You are You.


Taking my baby steps to peace.


My inner peace and love.


Love that I have for humanity and earth is so great that golden light burst out of my chest. I love being here. I hope you do too. Love your people.


Thank you…..

Maya Kathleen Washizu







禁酒、禁煙、カフェインも駄目と色々な事に制限がかかる妊婦さん。得に初めての妊婦さんは初めての身体の変化に不安も有るかと思われます。痛いし、お腹空くし、だるくて眠いし、イライラしやすいかも? 夏に妊娠しているのはホントに辛い時も有るかと思いますが、先ずは安産対策です。足とお腹をとにかく冷やさない事を第一に心掛けてください。



























…Talking about food…

If there is one thing I want people to know about Health is that, Health is naturally occurring all the time, the body will always tries to be well. It’s when you keep putting the junk in there for the body to process and store in the muscles or fats. Chemical flows through the blood stream affecting the brain. Looking at what you eat is super important, but nobody wants to hear about it, because it is emotionally sensitive topic and it brings up some issue. We have attachment towards certain snacks, sweets, and drinks. It’s a rewarding system that became a habit or even part of YOU.


You see, it is already emotional and personal to talk about food.


It is really difficult to talk about food with people, yet, it is the most important key factor to grasping true Health. You can still eat that sweets and snacks, but please keep the amount in moderation.


Buy less processed food.


I understand in our busy lives, it is impossible to not buy any process foods, but certainly we can reduce the amount of buying the junk food. Processed foods are anything that comes in package, ready-made food, fast foods and some frozen food…even smoothies in the bottle is not good as you make it at home.


Eat less Dairy

Dairy is one of the most key elemental produce that causes many difficulties in the body.


Stop drinking Diet anything

The chemical for Diet drinks, low calories are harmful to the body, it is addictive too. Just stop with the soda, it is melting your bone density, and too much sugar or fake sugar that your body does not know what to do with.


Are you drinking enough water every day?

Are you eating enough dark green vegetables?

Are you doing your stretches?


What does your body/mind/spirit need to feel good?

I know what I need. I need to take it easy once a month at least around my moon, and really feel my body. I deserve to check in with myself and do whatever I need to stay happy and healthy. Especially, with my occupation, I have to stay healthy and strong to see people and give Universal energy of love through my body and hands. I also know that stress will cause inflammation which then leads to other illness.


Anti-Inflammatory is Anti-Aging or shall we say Smart Aging.


Your attitude does matter too.

When you are just so careless about your situation or your normal daily lives, you are not grounded. When people are not grounded, your attitude and the eyes will show your lack of care. It comes through in the voice, body gestures, and your communication.


Start with Imagination

Imagine from your feet, you grow roots into the Earth. You already feel so much more grounded. Imagination is amazing! Use that part of brain more and more, it will help you with strengthening your instinct/gut feeling/heart/love power that we all have as a Being.


I am writing too much.

Please take baby steps making progress in your Health. Everybody can do it. You have to feel it, feel your body response to your kindness.


Much much love to You.

Thank you so much.


Hope to see you soon~


Maya Kathleen Washizu







































Why do we live with pain?

We accept the pain, it comes and goes, depends on the weather, mood, stress level… there are so many reasons we deal with our pain. Sometimes we hold emotional pain in the hearts, and rarely cry it out. Physical pain can be easily treated with over the counter pain killer. Nothing is wrong here, just normal human ways to deal with pain. I guess what I am trying to say here is that, I will listen to your pain and make it feel better, because I choose this occupation to do just that.


I am interested in working in hospice care too, but talking about dying is hard too. Its more about the family who are going through death. Every culture has different takes on Death, but natural medicine such as Acupuncture can help ease the pain and make things smoother than complicated drug therapy. My grandfather wanted to be aware of his dying days, he didn’t want to have big loads of morphine, and he was easily comforted by touch and communications.


Let your tears flow your eyes, anytime you feel your tears wanting to come out, let it flow. This is your emotional being needing to express through your true Heart. We talked about your eyes house your Heart. We can see people’s heart through their eyes, our spirits comes through with vision and love. When you hold these tears, your body becomes tight and tense creating stagnation in the body. More you collect these stagnation, more pain you have….


Body loves to stretch and move freely with movement, so is the emotions, as we know we have range of emotions too. Opening up to new ideas and habits of life might be difficult for some people, but it is actually really good for our minds and hearts. Same old way becomes stuck and habitual emotional response can be stacking up those stagnation of pain. Causing you to have them symptoms of headache, high blood pressure, dizziness, anger, irritations, cramp, lose stool, constipation and more.


It might seem okay, you might think to “leave me alone,” but these are the initial cry of the body that you are not dealing it right. I understand that the world is full of painful news, but you are YOU. We can’t take all the pain for the world.


Actually, more you become aware and health conscious, we are helping the Earth.


Being kind to your body and mind, this then feed your spirit to be free from the fear. If you know what you are doing, what you are eating, there will be no fear. We accept our place and time on Earth to be part of this amazing World.


Live from Heart




Love, Love, Love to the World~!


Maya Kathleen




Heart to Heart connection consciousness from Maya















外が気持ち~Spring Memory





春は特に感情的になりやすい季節です。自分が壊れないように常に気を付けていないと大変な事になりますからね。いつも身体からのSOSサインを待ってからだと寝込むことになったりしていませんか? 何処かでゆっくり出来る事を計画立ててみてはいかがでしょう。




























I bought some rocks to put them in my treatment room, just because there are no windows in my room. If you do any kind of energy work, you know how it could become congested real fast when working on a person. I had no other way but to wash my hands for my own protection, but the room becomes so un-breathable. So I got some rocks to help me out. I hope these little rock spirits are going to help me…!!


Maya’s Signature Treatment

It has been very interesting to work on people and actually helping people out with their horrible pains. People are so happy to get rid of their pains and become mobile again. Somebody told me that her friend swears by the acupuncture treatment. It is amazing every time when people finds out how it feels, actually pretty good, getting that deep muscles needled and feels like the tip of the needle is massaging. No fingers can touch that tight muscle like how needle does it.


Japanese acupuncture school was so into anatomy/physiology and neurology we hardly ever talked about energetic of the acupuncture points. But now, I have this unique understanding of the body both in Western and Eastern medicine. All of these years of studying has finally giving me the career that I’ve always dreamed of. I have to thank my Mama for standing super strong to keep me in the Japanese acupuncture school.


After I had my son, I DID NOT want to go back to school AT ALL.


I went to talk to my mom twice; both times I was sure to quit the school. Both time I never ever seen my mother so scary to tell me that I MUST go and finish the program. I am so glad that happened. So grateful for my family and friends, my husband who took care of the kids so much during those days in Japan.


Now my mission of passion to connect the medicine in healthy way for all people, bring back the folk medicine to all the families out there, preserve the old knowledge of happiness. I am so thankful for all of the opportunities in my life.



Love, Love, Love to the World~!!


Maya Kathleen Washizu

Living the Medicine

When I first started the program in Boulder, Colorado at the Southwest Acupuncture College in 2004, I did not know anything about health.  I was only 23 years old at the time, being one of the youngest students at the school, I felt lucky to know all these information to be a Chinese Medicine Doctor.  For a first year student, there are many walls, but one of them was to have an understanding of the terminology like yin and yang.  First year is always the hardest for adjusting yourselves to the new environment and trying to live the medicine.  I remember I asked the 3rd year student, what is exercise?  It was so dumb that I could not even ask the teacher.  Jason answers the question with great compassion, you can climb mountain, go for a bike ride and go for a walk.  Ohhhhh, I was enlightened that all those sounds like fun activities were considered exercise.  I know, it’s so dumb, but when you are 23 years old, you don’t have to “exercise” to keep up with your body.  I was getting little soft though for never intended to do any exercise.


Now, I am happy to know about regular base exercise to keep me fit and happy.  To live the medicine, you must do some physical activity that you like in your weekly routines.  Just knowing this will help you so much in your well being.  Cooking was other learning in my first year at SWAC.  As 23 year old, I remember I was starting to cook, but still learning.  I had a sense though not to buy my chicken at the Walmart…  Knowing your source of food was naturally important in Traditional Chinese Medicine, eating the locally grown food is considered healthier for you to fit the environment.  It seems that all these ideas are only common sense, yet people might over look for being the healthy tip of your life.  Eating home cooked whole foods, as much as organic, only palm size protein as your serving, seasonal cooked vegetable, leafy green, and well thought out oil consumption.  It is so important to have your hormone balanced by just from your meal intake, to help your body build more hormones, protein, and other functional building block that we need for the repair.  In this way, you CAN have your food as a medicine.


Third important keys to your wellness is that we all need to socialize and speak our minds to share our feelings of emotions to feel connected, and feel the support to ground us. I feel like I don’t even to talk about the importance of the family’s support, because we all know that in our hearts how important that is. Although, being a parent is not an easy task. Balancing everything every day and still keep up the good attitude can be challenging. Life isn’t like Facebook, the reality of life is struggle in our ages, hard to find good jobs and raise your family with good health. This is why I encourage you to start shopping for health every time you pay for food. Know what you are putting in to your body, know what you are feeding your family and love ones. Its survivable, it doesn’t seem like that, but it is.


I will break it down to how to be conscious to have a healthy life style without stressing out each step. Please take things easy and slow too if you are committed to making these changes in your life. Get the whole family involved and have lots of fun trying new things and figure out what works best for you and your family.















Love, Love, Love to the World~




Maya Kathleen Washizu


Getting clear on what I need to do, finally!!

Magic of saying “No” to situations or job, have helped me clear my mind. Saying “no,” can be hard for those people who are used to serve others. Women tend to put other people before herself, or being a mom, we are the last one on line. Change is scary and takes time to create new habits. When I decided to quit my everyday Ramen job was tough, because I was getting attached to the customers and actually loved the feeling of giving customer service. Although as soon as I quit, new door opened up with new bigger opportunity with new challenges to grow my business.


Running your own business is hard because money is unpredictable and stable. Working somewhere as an employee feels more stable, but not much freedom with what you do. I want to bridge East and West, in Eugene, it seems to have some kind of functional program that does that. For example, Lillian’s school is USA’s first Japanese immersion public school, and there are so many families who participate in the school program. I truly appreciate that this school exist here in Eugene. I hope to become part of the community and help out with what I can do.


HealIMG_9152th and Beauty

It only makes sense that I choose this path to dedicate my career to Health and Beauty. Beauty is tricky, but I am talking about that Beauty that comes within. Your Heart’s Beauty, many pains and suffering filled with golden sparkles, you shine more beautiful. Talking about the Heart is my favorite topic, because I live from my Heart so many years, that I can see when people are suffering when they are not living from their heart, or they are listening to their heart. When you listen and live from your Heart, you feel right, your gut feeling is feeling good and happy. Your eye shines, look straight into the situation, your hands moves naturally.


I am dedicated to bring you all the information that you need to bring out your spirit to full service here on Earth. Your spirit lives in your Heart. Your eye shines your spirit that lives in your Heart. This is why we can see; connect with other human or animal through looking into each other’s eyes. When your heart opens up to other beings, you resonate too and with each other. We look at other person’s emotional state by looking into their eyes. We do this every day and each moment with everybody. When person is not fulfilling their Heart’s Dream, life becomes hard and stressful. Let’s not do that to ourselves in this crazy world we live in already. Please enjoy your life every day.


ラーメン屋さんを辞めてからしっかり鍼師になる為にチカラを入れて行くことにしました。進む方向を決めたら何だかとてもすっきりしました。新しい可能性の包まれるってとても新鮮。自分の道は自分で決めるべきですね。お道を決めるって実は難しくて、沢山迷う時も有りますよね。でも、自分の心の夢を知っていれば、自然に決められるはずです。心の夢って何でこんなに恥ずかしい気持ちのなってしまうんだろう。心からの道を歩む事を恥ずかしがらずに行けばいいのに。日本人だからかな。今までの人の生き方がDNA のレベルで組み込まれている様に、ホントに恥ずかしい。



















Maya Kathleen Washizu



Love Love Love to the World~!!


When Road Splits…

Ohhh my goodness, life is so complicated and hard to just LIVE!! Why does it have to be so hard and complicated every day? I wonder these days, I just want a simple life style where I don’t have to worry, but that must be “illusional” idea of LIFE. So, what do I do.


I have decided to choose the simplest way to go my way, and yet it’s super tangled with different kind of needs and wants of LIFE.


Keep your family member happy, keep yourself happy, and keep that life BALANCED.


Don’t give me wrong, I LOVE my life and love my family and friends. It’s the hard choice that comes in your way that divides your life path into two ways, with many possibilities in your near future. How do I make that right choice? I was so torn apart this time around.


I know in my heart that I made the right choice.


Its always depends your heart. Your heart knows the best. Fill the heart with LOVE and whatever that makes the most senses and whatever that feels right to you. You got it, YOU made the right choice….







でもやっぱり鍼灸の仕事が好きだから、コツコツやって行きたいのが本音なのかな。アメリカで日本人だからって、他のアジア人と同じ仕事をするチャンスが有ったんだけど… やっぱりシックリこなかったの事実。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。こっちで頑張っているアジア人を沢山応援したい気持ちでいっぱい。みんな精一杯頑張っているんだなと実感します。












手が自然に身体のつまりに届き、心地よい圧でほぐします。指の先がセンサーかの様にトリガーポイントを見つけます。10年以上の練習とアニマル コミュニケーションが役に立ったのだと思います。






Love, Love, Love to the World~!!






Its all part of world 地球医療

Its only neutral/natural and organic to physically and spiritually to be involved in creating/seeing your vision.


The Vision


You have decided a while ago during your meditation moments.


You know who you are.


You are what you are.


Figuring out your mission in life is one of the most hardest thing in life, may be.

It is really hard to narrow down your passion. Especially, when you are deciding what and how you want to make your money in this world. We are part of the contribution to how the world occupies itself. That is why we are part of both bad and good, all the other gray-sub-culture and the Whole Entire World.


I respect your hard work.


It’s time to respect YOU as whom you are and maybe pay more respect to other people as well.


It always goes both way and directions.


Attachments are sometimes hard to let go, but its healthy to let go and let it be… Separate what is yours, and pull out that string, or chop it off from your body. Detaching yourself from the string will help you come back to yourself as single unit of BEING. This time/life of BEING, you as an individual, will experience sense of connection. Connecting to friends and family, pets, natures, spiritual experiences, sense of connection and where you are in the world.









“Alternative Medicine”

might be one of your

“Heard of,”

Method of healing, please pay respects to our medicine. We are so dedicated to our study and knowledge to help with body function neurologically, spiritually and physically we can help you balance the hormone and parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system with ear acupuncture, regular acupuncture, body work, herbs and diet.


Your emotions are yours.


People can make you feel, but its usually come from your inner cause of that kind of FEELING. 7 Emotions are one of the hot topics in Chinese Medicine School, because people/we get sick from even one strong emotion that comes deep within. It is one of the diagnosis tools of our medicine to understand the patient’s emotional state of BEING.


Old Chinese saying of “Middle Path” means to keep your emotions into check, always, not to be round up in one emotion for long time, keep the balance.




















Love, Love, Love to the World~!!


Maya Kathleen Washizu


Inner peace….. within me, myself, coming to ground my soul into place. Feel each finger tips as energy starts to flow, tingle of electricity that runs within you.


Gives the vibrant circulation into the whole body and come back to the Heart center.


Palm of my hands warms with sparkles of healing universal Qi.


As I take a deep breath, slow and steady throughout my body, I begin to treat this person. Slowly move into their energy field with respect and honor, I begin my practice. Letting the healing universal spirits to move my hands, feel the patient’s sore muscles and trigger points, start the treatment.


Taking everything as a sign, letting the air dictates the treatment plan.


I used to get acupuncture all the time. Once a week was a good rate for me, eventually, slowly, I figured out my body. Learning about seasons, food as medicine, inner emotions, stress, and trauma, human body, mind and spirit started to make so much sense. No matter what position you are in in this world, we still are human, human with hearts and spirits. For this matter, I love human and interacting with all sorts of people.


It is all up to each moment of life.


We make up the decision on every situation in our lives that determines our happiness/sadness level. How to look at your situation become a habit and a pattern that creates the diseases. Physical pain comes from the posture of standing, walking, driving, eating, or anything that you created as a habitual stagnation in your body.


Body is amazing though, when we recognize these patterns and when you are ready to make that change and incorporate a new idea that sounds awesome, we do that. Body loves to feel better and good. You can actually feel your body cells get activated by nutrients, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.


Treat your body well, get good sleep, talk nice to your friends and family, carry love in your heart, smile and laugh. Live each moment consciously and don’t let any moment slip by, because that was your moment to smile and wave. We are evolving as species and it’s only natural and organic to be more in love with humanity.


Be part of a village, raise the children of your village and enjoy life.
































Love to the World~





Thank you for being here with me!


Maya Kathleen Washizuより





秋シーズンが早かったー!! 皆さんはいかがでしたか? もう12月ですね。2015年が終わってしまいます。日本でまったりしたい所ですが、今年は私の両親がオレゴンに来てくれます。楽しみです。子供達と私は3月に日本に帰ることにしました。Auricular therapy in English and Japanese ~ Heart to Heart connection consciousness from woomoon 耳鍼セラピーを英語と日本語で学ぶ一般向けのセミナーを計画しております。楽しみにしています。何処かでお会い出来るといいですね!!




私の育ちも強く関連していますが、個人的なミッションと創造は遥か遠い目標に感じる今日この頃です。でも心からの活動を一生懸命進んで行けばきっと何処かで形になってくれるだろうと信じています! 私の役割をしっかりと果たせる様にこれからも研究と実践に力を入れ、バランスを取りながら行きますね!! 今、本当に世界が愛の一心で動き始めています。今までの歴史の中で始めてと言っていいほどだと思います。世界政府を切り開く中、世界人としてみんなで自然界を感じ取り繋がり、新しい世界感が始まっています。2020年の東京オリンピックも無事に開催できるのであれば、私達も世界に貢献できる素晴らしい機会になると思います。




世界に元気に翼を広げられる様に日本のうつを改善して行かなくてはなりません。ご存知でしょうか。。。精神薬、日本、投薬が世界でNo.1なんです。メンタルが落ちています。肉料理が目立ち、古き日本の良い所がだんだんと世間が見失って来ています。だから愛が必要になって来ているのです。日本は愛って言葉が恥ずかしいんだけど、バンバン使っていきましょう!! 心と心の繋がりは自然と愛なのです。実践してください。真心からの言葉や活動で回りの空気が変わりのを体感してみてください。大丈夫。


わしずまや より

Love, Love, Love to the World~!!