I love going home to Tokyo. I feel happy to be there close to friends and family that I grow up with. Seeing old friends and knowing that deep connection exist and hearing and talking about our mid 30’s life is interesting as it life gets for us. We are at the age of gaining responsibilities in our career, caring for family and with fun and hard work of balancing life. I love that when we see each other we jump right into our deep thoughts and honest feelings of our daily lives to share.


As Japanese culture we are wired to talk about our hardship from the heart, share life story with friends, we feel each other and listen. Japanese language connects to one another in such deep level in the amygdala. We understand each other, which is so different from English. English is fun, but I feel that we have to always explain the idea with supported logic to really get your point across. I feel miscommunication happens a lot and it is difficult to “get” English for foreigners.


I am even guilty with feeling disrespectful with the professors who have a bad accent. I am sure I piss off some people with my English and my usage of this language sometime in my writing too… Just to let you know, I come a long way to be able to write both Japanese and English. I’ve always loved to write and that helps, but to be able to share my inner thoughts and share with you, it took some courage to bring that first step out.


Now, I am dedicated to help you with your health concerns, because I see struggle in health care right now. Eating and getting regular exercise are the key elements in Health. Taking the right supplements and feeling or paying attention to your body is very important to your Body. Checking into your emotion and dealing with your trauma and getting that resolved type of treatments are better than just taking prescription drug to numb it out or hold in deep inside of You.


Balanced Medicine is our future. Taking prescription only, or just listening to the Western Doctors is not going to work anymore. We need to balance between taking and going to the Conventional medicine to treat your everyday stress with alternative medicine and taking the right supplements. Supplements can be so helpful because our diet does not provide with enough nutrients anymore with GMO foods, convenient food, preserved/process foods, and frozen/canned food.


Being conscious about always and every day with anti-oxidation will reduce the risk of all sorts of disease. It is somewhat easy to achieve fighting cancer in your body, reducing pain, reducing risk of diabetes and heart disease just by conscious of what you are putting in your Body.


The future health of people of USA is looking very poor if we do not change perspective on health. I feel that there are many people who have woken up to the Organic life style and really conscious of what they consume. These people got it. They are ready for the next era of survivable. But there are a lot more of those people who choose not the care… Or just simply does not know the risk that they are in…….


I can only help when people are ready and seeks the truth.


I cannot make you change. You have to be ready to make the change.



Are you ready?













ありがとう~ 日本人で良かった!!~


Love Love Love to the World~!!


Maya Kathleen Washizu