Living the medicine means that each and everyday is a work. A conscious effort to be well. You can’t be healthy once you are sick. Healthy body and mind takes up lots of time and energy. What’s my motives? I have been asking myself this for the last few days. What is my motives…? Why am I this way…? It’s big identity question and I laugh, because it’s a silly. Who am I…? What am I doing and why am I this way…?


Ohh the big why…

This is so much fun because I love challenges and changes in my life. I tend to get real board when things are the same way all the time. I am pretty sure this comes from me moving across the ocean when I was 4 and then again at 14 years of age. I need some stimulations to feel alive, to feel challenges, to feel responsible. I love taking role of being in charge of a party or an event. I love communicating with people and figuring out the best out come for everyone.


So what am I doing now…?


Covid pandemic is shaping our world to a whole new world right now as we speak. Every day there’s something new happening and more information are getting layered on top of more layers that goes all the way to the dark side of humanity. We really don’t know how deep this rabbit hole goes. Young generations are confused, only listening to their parents and grandparents, and they are lost in social media. Numbing their brains to darkness and depressing feelings.


Trending in social media are building blocks of our new young generation. I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to talk about this right now. I don’t want to worry about my daughter and her mental health! I think she is amazing and she is doing her best in learning and absorbing the world. I just worry about the future, so then my motive is the preserve the way of ancient, the folk medicine, the traditional medicine and the Dao, the way, the path.


I trained in Japan for 7 years with a Shinto master who holds the ancient secret of Japanese Emperor. During the WWII, Japanese’s Emperor was threaten because the way we were running the Country. How all the people adored the Emperor and how Emperor adored the people. Traditional way of how the country ran was a threat to the world, because people believed. People believed that by praying for good and living the beauty way brought happiness and joy to every day lives in people. Good fortune brings good harvest, good intention brings amazing beauty from within.


All of the simple way of living was powerful.


It was a threat to the Western culture. Not good for globally expanding business.


My teacher Nanasawa sensei’s teacher’s teacher’s teacher was the secret holder of the Emperor family tradition. During WWII, when they sense the threat, they put away the secret to this guy who was a family member for taking care of Gohuku (the white kimono outfit to do the ceremonies), who had strong sensitivity to knowing the way of ceremonies and chants. Who then ran away to south of Japan, changing careers and keeping and holding the secret safe.


Only handful of people are trained today and practice ceremony. We don’t, but we have to copy of the chant and know the intention and the history of the Shinto in Japan. As I learn and live life, I understand that these secrets are very similar to the many ancient spiritual way of living and teachings. One of the big one is that, we create our own world by the word we use and how we feel. What you say has frequency and the energy carries to create a reality. In Shinto, a-i-u-e-o and all 50 sounds has its own spirit in each sound.




Kami is god like frequency and in Shinto, there’s 8000 Kami that exist in nature. That’s where Shinto’s secret comes from. There’s God/Goddess like beings in everything. The intention of living changes all of the sudden, when you realize there’s Kami=God/Goddess in everything… the breeze that runs through your hair, the leaves shaking with the wind, the clouds, the bubbles in the ocean wave, the rock by the water fall, the sacred river path, smell of nature, the mist of forest… this is how Japanese people used to live…


Being the Kami themselves…

The spirit, the Kami that lives inside of you is to be awaken. As soon as you realize that you are a Kami too, you can start to create your world.  Well, my app is staring to lag… so I’ll stop here today.

Thank you and again some other time.