This is what we do to prevent covid19 in our house hold and I hope this will guide you to a better understanding of our body and environment. We have 4 children of all size and gender. If and when any of us have a slightest symptom of sore throat, running nose, and or a sneeze, we stop and cut out diary, take herbal formula for cold, make some nutrient rich soup with mushroom, ginger, onion and garlic. Adding seaweed to the soup was very good too, adding iodine to the mix.

Then to making sure that we are staying hydrated and warm, wear socks and I like to wear slippers. Children’s are not going to school at this point because they have to wear mask all day and this will just make them worse all at once, breathing in and out of their own toxic gas, so it is just easier if we just stay home and let the body take care of it, and get better.


Maybe before all the covid life style, people will still go out and about with just runny nose or slight sore throat, and cough, but right now, we have to take extra caution not to spread anything to anyone. Even to yourself, we don’t want to get really sick because you are stranded wearing mask all day. Body need to breath and detox. Other supplements are helpful as you know already, zinc, vitD and C, and many other ones you already do.


Quality matters. Buy organic broccoli and cauliflower, buk choy are great food source we need for making anti-inflammatory precursors in the body. Eat clean, get filter for water or your body is working extra hard to filter the water too. Go out to nature and breath real clear air, your body will notice the differences for sure. Your mind will notice the differences. Stop eating all the prepackaged food, process food, and fast food.



Eat real vegetables and fruits. I mean, we are not perfect, we still have some food in our house like peanut butter, organic cereal, brownie mix, snacks, and we buy chips. But we also pretty much cook all meals including lunch for the kids. We eat meat, but we support organic farm. Not only we feel beautiful, our body let us know what’s going on at acute moment of something is wrong.


Sore throat, first sign of you just inhale something and there’s something there. GARGLE! Gargle everyday when you get home! Gargle with zeolite in it or salt or I guess you can swing a shot of sake if you are at party…! Lol, but for real, pay attention. Sore throat doesn’t mean that you are sick, it just means that there’s something there and your body is letting you know, so do something about it. If it doesn’t go away by gargle, take some herbs. Gan Mao Ling, is a great formula in Chinese medicine that we have been using this whole time of pandemic. As soon as you have the uncomfortable throat, you take Gan Mao Ling. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties, and it doesn’t suppress your immune system, it actually help you.

When you take herbs, you boost your immune, we never want to suppress your immunity.


Runny nose, I guess this can be allergy, but people are having some pain behind the nose these days. This is due to bad air quality, or spike protein. Again, wash it out. Nitty pot or diffuser for nose. You can add little zeolite or hydrogen Peroxide. KILL it and get rid of it as soon as possible. Just like when you have a fly in the house… get rid of it. No mercy.


Take things easy this year, be prepared to stay home with kids at any giving moment. Don’t stress out. Figure out with work and partner, family that school could be closing for weeks at a time and someone needs to be home with kids. Stressing over this is the last thing we want to do as a parent. Have a good plan and know that it will be another slow year, but at least we are going to school some in person and we are figuring out as we go.


Give yourself a breathing break, go outside and stretch, take off your mask and take a deep breath. We need to breath and take in oxygen and smile.


Get some sleep at least from 10pm~2am, because that’s when our body needs to be resting to produce the most growth hormone. Just do it and our body recover each and every day so much better. Meditation to relax the mind, take time for your body, and spend time for your spirit to gain happiness. We are in difficult time and as adult, we do need to stand up strong and show our children that we are resilient and kind, and caring to other human being.

For small children, if you feel their back, they too have muscle tensions and hold stress there and it is important to help them loosen up. Especially when they are sick or getting sick. It will help them feel relax and body can ease and the touch from their mama is worth so much. Baby to toddler love getting their extra skin on their back to be pinched and gently pulled a little bit. This technique can open up their air way and clams the nerve.

I totally understand with these little ones, treating them is hard, like giving them herbs, but if you ask me or any certified practitioner near you, you can get powder herbs and you can mix with blueberry jam or honey if they are over a year old. Kids response fast and get better fast with lots of tender loving care. They also loves good broth from the nutrient rich soup.

We can do this! I believe in our amazing body and natural healing ability to get through this! It’s survival right now. It is time to be serious about health and wellness. Going within, connecting to our inner beauty of spirit, guided by your goddess wisdom from your heart.

Take care out there.


Love, Love, Love to the World~



Maya Kathleen Washizu

Diplomate of Oriental Medicine LAc #175173